In defense of Arizona

In defense of Arizona

July 22nd, 2010 in Opinion Free Press

The state of Arizona, which recently enacted a law to fight illegal immigration, is being criticized for the money it has spent to defend the law. The federal government and so-called "civil rights" groups are suing to keep the law from taking effect as scheduled on July 29.

Arizona has paid $77,000 to several attorneys to begin the defense of the law, which Arizona enacted because the federal government refuses to uphold its duty to protect our country's borders. The final legal bill will ultimately be much larger, unfortunately.

But there are a couple of points to bear in mind. First, Americans who are upset that our federal government is suing a state for protecting itself from illegal invasion have donated a hefty $1.2 million for Arizona's legal defense. We doubt anybody has donated a penny - beyond mandatory taxes - to help the federal government sue Arizona.

And second, no one seems to be talking about how many tax dollars the U.S. Justice Department is using to try to overturn Arizona's sensible law. Lots of money could have been saved, on both sides, if the federal government had not decided to sue Arizona. So if anyone deserves criticism for wasteful spending in this case, it is Washington.

It is troubling that Arizona has been put on the defensive simply for trying to promote law and order.