D.C. march welcomes radicals

D.C. march welcomes radicals

October 5th, 2010 in Opinion Free Press

There are pitfalls in organizing a big rally in our nation's capital, or anywhere else. One of those dangers is that uninvited radical groups or individuals may show up with their banners to seek media attention and mar the true purpose of the rally. Organizers cannot really be faulted when that happens.

But organizers of a large, pro-Democrat rally in Washington this past weekend warmly and openly welcomed radical groups to take part in their march.

The rally, called "One Nation Working Together," did include a number of mainstream organizations. Those were liberal groups such as labor unions, the Sierra Club and the NAACP.

But also named on the organizers' website as official endorsers of the march were lots of overtly radical organizations such as the Communist Party USA, the International Socialist Organization and the Democratic Socialists of America.

It is troubling that organizers proudly listed such organizations as official endorsers. The extremely bad judgment that shows should make the American people strongly question the political motives behind the so-called "One Nation Working Together" rally.