'Global-warming' absolutism?

'Global-warming' absolutism?

February 7th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Does it seem to you that no matter what the weather does these days, somebody declares it proof of manmade "global warming" -- and insists that only heavy government control of industry can "rescue the planet"?

If the winter is mild and dry, that -- we are assured -- is proof of global warming.

If the winter is cold and snowy, that is also supposed to be evidence of global warming.

If there are droughts or floods or hurricanes or changing migratory habits among birds, the all-purpose explanation is -- you guessed it -- global warming.

Recently we spotted this headline: "Heavy snow fits global warming." It was atop an article that purported to "sweep away" doubts that some people -- who are tired of the cold weather -- may have about climate change.

We believe climate change is more complex than many environmentalists will admit -- and that heavy regulations proposed to "fix" global warming would do massive harm. We're also troubled by serious errors or outright distortions of climate data by supposedly objective sources.

Then again, with this winter having brought heavy snow and intense cold to much of the nation, we suspect some Americans wouldn't mind a little "global warming" about now.