Costly Tennessee inauguration

Costly Tennessee inauguration

February 19th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Isn't it interesting that there were organizations of various kinds-and "others"-that were interested enough in the inauguration of our good, new Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam last month that they gave a total of $2.4 million for the festivities?

The gubernatorial inaugurations, and contributions, come every four years.

The Associated Press noted there were more than 300 donations from businesses, trade groups and political action committees. Individuals donated the rest. Corporations may not give money to candidates seeking election but may contribute up to $7,500 for inaugurations.

Most people are not opposed to some "pomp and circumstance" in connection with our political activities. Supporters of a governor don't want a parsimonious swearing in, with no gala celebrations. And donors want to show their "friendship."

But while most Tennesseans don't want to be "Bah, humbug!" Scrooges, and don't want a gubernatorial inauguration to look cheap, $2.4 million was a lot of money for a ceremonial occasion.

We hope everybody had a good time.