Obama - or who - in 2012?

Obama - or who - in 2012?

February 25th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Do you wonder why the American people elected Barack Obama president in 2008?

Now that you have seen him in action as one of our most unlikely presidents ever (we have elected some doozies, haven't we?) do you want to re-elect him in 2012?

If not, "who"?

Some -- when they consider costly ObamaCare, the failed "stimulus" and the out-of-control national debt -- might say, "Anyone else!" But is that good enough? We need to draft a better choice!

Shouldn't we be insistent upon choosing a candidate of admirable character, sound principles, real wisdom, sensible conservatism and devotion to our Constitution -- and one who could have a realistic chance to be elected?

Can't we do better than Obama? Will we do better?

The November 2012 election is not far away as political time ticks.