Thanks to all volunteers

Thanks to all volunteers

June 1st, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

We have had a great many weather extremes recently, with some tragic losses of life and many losses of valuable property, trees and other things.

During emergencies such as these, there are always outstanding actions by our professional "responders" to meet the public's urgent needs. We appreciate them.

But after recent storms in the area, literally thousands of volunteers stepped up to help those in need, with acts of compassion, kindness and assistance. We honor them, too.

In many cases, losses sadly cannot be undone. But in other cases, there are challenges and opportunities to rise above disaster and damage, to rebuild and to move ahead - and sometimes even to make things better than they were before disaster struck. In nearby Ringgold, Ga., for instance, residents have vowed that they will recover from tornado damage and will be a stronger community in the end.

We commend the actions of professional and volunteer helpers and rebuilders, as well as the positive attitude displayed by so many of our people in a time of crisis.

And we sincerely hope the extremes of weather will not be repeated soon.