'Cut down' or 'shutdown'?

'Cut down' or 'shutdown'?

March 2nd, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

For many years, our federal government has been taxing us too much - but spending too much more.

That's why we have a national debt of more than $14 trillion.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama and many in Congress are still insisting on spending more.

But on Friday, Congress will run out of borrowed, appropriated money for government functions.

If nothing is done to remedy the situation, there will be a forced government "shutdown" - although essential services will continue.

So, a "cut down" in spending has been proposed.

Under pressure, Obama has agreed with Republicans, in "general" terms, to make some immediate spending reductions to prevent a government shutdown. A Republican bill would cut spending $4 billion but keep the federal government funded through March 18. But Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi is criticizing even that.

There should, of course, not be a "short-term fix" but a "long-term solution" by responsible congressional action to eliminate much of the unnecessary federal spending and reduce some of the rest.

But because Obama and many in Congress refuse to face facts and act responsibly, they will assure us too-high taxes, too much spending, and growing national debt, which we will have to repay "someday," and on which we will have to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in annual interest in the meantime.

Is this responsible financial "leadership"?

Will we keep re-electing the spenders and let them "keep on keeping on" doing the wrong things, digging us deeper into debt, damaging our economy and dipping eagerly into our pockets?