Disregard for Second Amendment

Disregard for Second Amendment

March 7th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

After the U.S. Supreme Court properly ruled in 2010 that a full handgun ban in Chicago was unconstitutional, the city found a way to get around the ruling and, in effect, to keep its excessive gun-control rules on the books.

It declared that guns were technically permissible inside a private home if the owner were trained in handling a firearm. But that "training" requirement included practice at a firing range - and Chicago forbids firing ranges inside the city!

So a person who wishes to have a handgun in his home for protection is forced, at his expense, to leave the city to seek out the necessary training.

That is plainly unreasonable, and various groups and individuals have joined a federal lawsuit to overturn the anti-Second Amendment ordinance.

Gun owners obviously should handle their weapons responsibly. But government should not set up gun restrictions so burdensome that their practical effect is to forbid gun ownership.