Lupton, Lyndhurst marvels

Lupton, Lyndhurst marvels


March 12th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

There is no way to calculate fully the benefits that have transformed Chattanooga, and have done good things for all the people and countless institutions throughout our community, as a result of the fabulous philanthropy of the late T. Cartter Lupton and the many members of his family, who have followed his example for decades.

Now, significant changes are taking place in the Lupton family's generous Lyndhurst Foundation, to continue the use of its large assets in many constructive ways.

Cartter Lupton was a major businessman in Chattanooga and an early investor in Coca-Cola bottling. Now, everyone is aware of how "Coke" has permeated the world!

For many years, Lupton sought ways to use the huge proceeds from "The pause that refreshes" for extensive good through very quiet philanthropy. In fact, most people did not know the source of his abundant benefactions.

Some of those involved in the good work that Lupton sponsored alluded to him simply as "Mr. Anonymous."

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the Tennessee Aquarium, the Chattanooga downtown redevelopment, the 21st Century Waterfront development, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise for improvement of our community, widespread public and private education grants, the River City Co. and many other positive initiatives and institutions have prospered because of support from the Luptons.

The elder Lupton's Lyndhurst Foundation (named for his Riverview home) was first instituted in 1938 as the Memorial Welfare Foundation. After Lupton's death in 1977, his son, John T. "Jack" Lupton, carried on the Lupton tradition, with other members of their extended family, until Jack's death in 2010.

Since then, other family members and their valued associates have continued admirable service of many kinds.

Now, new ideas are being adopted to make beneficial use of the $193 million of current Lyndhurst Foundation assets, for continuing constructive uses in the future.

Though most Lyndhurst funds will remain focused on Chattanooga, new foundations funded by Lyndhurst will be guided by five grandchildren of the elder Lupton: Alice L. Smith, Katherine Cros-land Juett, Margaret L. Gerber, George R. Fontaine and T. Cartter Lupton II. Some of the foundations will probably be based in other cities.

Next year, the Lyndhurst Foundation will be governed by a 10-member board: Monique Berke, Stephen Culp, Katherine Currin, Kathleen Hunt, James Kennedy, Alison Lebovitz, Jimmy McGinness, Kincaid Mills, Rob Taylor and Peggy Townsend.

They have accepted the big challenge of continuing the tremendous example of the Lupton family, which has done so much for the people of Chattanooga and our whole area.

What a wonderfully generous and beneficial model the Lupton family and its allied philanthropists have set for our marvelous and beloved community!