Some real 'big fish' stories!

Some real 'big fish' stories!

March 31st, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Well, it's springtime, and people are taking part in more outdoor activities. That led to some amazing and quite different "big fish" stories in the news over the past few days.

Three men were fishing 50 miles off the coast of Texas when a 375-pound, 8-foot shark suddenly leaped out of the water, joining them in their boat!

The shark was so big, they couldn't throw it back, so they brought it to shore.

Not surprisingly, they plan to mount it, so they will be able to prove their big fish story.

A few days earlier, in Florida, Jenny Hausch and her family were taking pictures of leaping sea creatures when a 5-foot-wide eagle ray, estimated at 200 pounds, jumped into their boat - and on top of her!

The ray was so dangerous and heavy, her companions had a hard time pulling it off! They finally managed it with help from some passersby, though, and the ray and the woman happily survived.

Can you believe it? Well, as proof of her story, she has a potentially lethal barb that the ray left behind.

Who can top these recent fish stories? It's the season, and some will surely try.