Digging out

Digging out

May 4th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

The sound of chain saws rasps throughout our area - and in neighboring states - these days. Utility workers are restoring electric power and phone lines. Repairs are under way at homes and other buildings. Removal of downed trees and other debris continues. We are recovering from a shocking array of destructive weather.

Digging out after such events is difficult.

Some are mourning deaths of friends or loved ones. Materially, property losses have been great. Countless trees and power lines have been leveled. Wires must be restrung. Trash must be removed. Building materials are much in demand as vigorous workers seek to repair extensive damage and return us all to some degree of normalcy.

Who can recall any recent time when so much damage and destruction have occurred over such a broad geographic area, affecting so many of our people?

Recovery will be expensive and will require much hard work for a long time.

Meanwhile, we keep a "weather eye" out, hoping for no more weather extremes in this turbulent spring.