Generosity after the storms

Generosity after the storms

May 7th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Many of our people - along with our public facilities - suffered tremendous financial damage in the recent storms. While we all as taxpayers will feel the pinch as much tax money will be required for recovery, many individuals are facing very personal financial problems.

Insurance will help many. But others will not have that assistance.

It is typical of our people and our community, however, that many have stepped up, alongside fine charitable community service agencies, to ease the losses - somewhat.

Well over a million dollars reportedly has been donated just through a relief fund that was seeded by a $100,000 donation from our new Chattanooga Volkswagen operation! Volkswagen and the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga set up the fund. That is highly commendable - and welcome. Donations of money, supplies and volunteer hours are coming in from an array of other groups and individuals, too.

Those desiring to help may find a good way is by contributing through the Community Foundation. Many churches and reputable charitable organizations are good avenues for giving assistance as well.

We commend all of the generous people and groups - and we suggest that caution be used to avoid possible abuse of that good will and generosity.