Tornado blame game?

Tornado blame game?

May 12th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

There was more than enough suffering to go around when recent deadly tornadoes struck Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and other Southern states. Hundreds of people died, many more were injured, and property damage was severe.

So it is incredible that some have added to the pain by irresponsibly suggesting that the natural disaster should somehow be linked to the refusal of lawmakers from those states to support anti-global warming legislation.

The headline of an article on a website run by the liberal Center for American Progress read, "Storms Kill Over 250 Americans In States Represented By Climate Pollution Deniers."

The insinuation of the headline is that the deadly storm system might have been averted - and lives might not have been lost - if only the conservative lawmakers from those states had voted in favor of climate change legislation that supposedly would keep world temperatures from rising.

Ironically, a later Associated Press article pointed out that scientists simply cannot find a link between global warming and the tornadoes.

Scientists "looked for the fingerprints of global warming and La Nina on last month's deadly tornadoes, but couldn't find evidence to blame those oft-cited weather phenomena," the AP reported.

Now perhaps we can focus on rebuilding the destroyed areas and on helping those who are suffering from the storms - and pay less attention to absurd blame games.