The president and the polls

The president and the polls

May 13th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

With the news still fresh concerning President Barack Obama's order for the successful U.S. military raid that killed terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, the political popularity of Obama has pulled out of a slump.

Sixty percent of those who responded to an Associated Press-GfK survey gave Obama their approval.

Seventy-three percent said they are confident he can handle terrorist threats well.

But what about the U.S. economy, which often turns out to be the big issue in elections? Despite the sluggish economy, 52 percent said they approve of Obama's handling of the economy.

And as for the nagging problem of 9 percent unemployment? Fifty-two percent of those polled credited Obama's approach on that issue.

There are many months before the next presidential election, and many unpredictable challenges may arise. But Obama must take a great deal of satisfaction in the current poll results.

And he is surely aware that there is yet no dominant Republican presidential candidate ready to challenge him in 2012.