Aiding willful lawbreakers

Aiding willful lawbreakers

May 28th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

A self-described "humanitarian" group in Arizona has proudly declared that it is providing electronic location devices to smugglers who guide illegal aliens across the U.S. border.

The organization, Humane Borders, said it gave global positioning system, or GPS, devices to smugglers so the smugglers can summon emergency aid if they encounter problems while sneaking illegal aliens across dangerous areas along the border.

Outrageous! That's deliberately aiding lawbreakers!

Smugglers of illegal immigrants are notorious for mistreating their "clients," whom they charge high fees to lead into the United States. No one has any business making it easier for the smugglers to "do business." That will only encourage them to bring more people across the perilous, remote desert areas along the border.

It is sadly true that some people die making that crossing. But genuine humanitarianism would not seek to encourage more border crossings.

If we want to reduce both illegal immigration and tragic deaths that take place during attempts to cross the border, there are a few key things our nation should do:

• First, our borders should be vigorously protected. Fewer potential illegal aliens will try to cross into U.S. territory if they know our borders are defended and that they have little chance to get into America.

• Cut off the supply of jobs to illegal aliens by requiring use of a computerized verification system to determine whether a job applicant is in this country legally. Then prosecute employers who knowingly hire unlawful immigrants. Illegal aliens will not come to the United States - and many who are here will return home - if they cannot find work.

• Deny welfare benefits to those who broke the law to come here.

Taken together, these steps would reduce illegal immigration. In addition, they would not require massive roundups of illegal aliens. Most unlawful immigrants would either not come to America in the first place or would leave if they couldn't support themselves here.

Isn't that preferable to President Barack Obama's costly and unjust goal of giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens?