Fuel from trash!

Fuel from trash!

October 1st, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

Our way of life depends heavily upon all kinds of fuel. So it is interesting that a business group is working on the idea of producing valuable fuel from locally produced sewer sludge and trash.

Hamilton County Trustee Bill Hullander, some county commissioners and representatives of Earth, Wind & Fire Technologies gathered recently to hear Chairman and CEO N. Dennis Wherrell discuss plans to invest more than $200 million in private funds in a diesel production facility that could generate both fuel and a thousand jobs!

"We definitely, definitely are not trying to go ahead of the city of Chattanooga," Hullander said, but the proposal would require contracts with the city to use substances from sewers and landfills.

While obviously everyone will want to see a lot of details about the plan, it sounds like a potential win-win project. At a minimum, it deserves careful consideration.