'Anti-greed' mob protests in Times Square

'Anti-greed' mob protests in Times Square

October 18th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

We don't know many people who defend "corporate greed" as a worthy value. But there was a sometimes outrageous and disorderly protest in New York's Times Square last weekend against "corporate greed."

Demonstrators mixed with theater crowds, normal pedestrians, tourists, etc., in a situation that resulted in the arrests of scores of people and injuries to at least a couple.

Many demonstrators at the "Occupy Wall Street" protests refused orders to disperse, and some tried to take down police barriers. Others entered a bank and refused to leave.

There were similar protests in Pittsburgh and other U.S. cities -- even in Jackson, Miss.! -- though many of the liberal demonstrators did not get very specific about what they expect corporations to do to fight "greed." They just seem convinced that corporations -- as opposed to anti-free-market government policies and excessive federal spending -- are behind the current economic crisis.

Worse demonstrations, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, took place in Europe, becoming violent in Rome. Protests developed in Canada, Australia and Asia as well. Many of the protesters were peaceful, but quite a few were not.

It's disgusting how much disruption small groups of people can cause. We do not believe the U.S. demonstrators represent the views of most Americans, yet some of them are regrettably making it hard to maintain peace and safety for those who do not choose to join their movement.