Thanks to school principals

Thanks to school principals

April 11th, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

Our public school teachers and principals are marvels in offering positive influences and opportunities to our children who are "up-and-coming," and who surely are the most important parts of our lives.

We give thanks to all of our school teachers and principals. And we particularly commend our Hamilton County Parent-Teachers Association for giving special recognition to some of our outstanding Hamilton County principals.

Honored this week at the annual Principals and PTAs Appreciation Dinner were:

Elementary principal of the year: Shane Harwood of Nolan Elementary School.

Middle school principal of the year: Sandra Barnwell of Hixson Middle School.

High school principal of the year: Tom McCullough of Signal Mountain Middle and High School.

The special talents - and special efforts - of these principals (and others, too) surely have great positive influences on all of our school children, inspiring them, encouraging them, developing them, uplifting them.

We recognize that their jobs are not always easy, but constantly involve many personal challenges.

So we applaud these particular educators - and all the rest of them, too.

Their deserved special personal recognition surely will inspire all of our principals and teachers, and thus will benefit all of our treasured school children.