'If you have a job ...'

'If you have a job ...'

April 15th, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

Some of us fortunately get up in the morning really "eager" (or at least "willing") to go to work.

Many of us have jobs that are pleasant and rewarding. But some others surely find their jobs, if not "fun," at least rewarding, because they pay us what we need to live on, and allow us to enjoy many pleasures in life, too.

We were thinking of that this week as the news report came that American employers posted more job openings last month -- up from 3.48 million to 3.54 million in December!

That's good news -- because it means more opportunities for more of us.

We want every American who wants a job and needs a job to find a job. We hope the work is satisfying. We hope it "pays well." We hope there is opportunity.

We certainly sympathize with our fellow Americans who would like to work, but can't find suitable jobs. We hope that all of us who have jobs are capable and that our efforts are beneficial to our employers, so they are glad they have hired us.

Let's not just take our work -- and blessings -- for granted.