Smoking and littering

Smoking and littering

April 15th, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

Do you remember the TV commercials in recent years that centered on people throwing beer cans and other trash out of their car windows along roadsides?

Remember when "Smoky Bear," wearing a wide-brim ranger's hat, admonished us all to cooperate in avoiding trash on our Tennessee roadsides?

Unfortunately littering is still a problem, although some of us are behaving better and not throwing trash out our car windows.

But what about smoking? Remember when nearly everybody seemed to smoke -- and many tossed their cigarette packages and their cigarette butts on sidewalks and streets?

During World War II, members of the military were taught to "field strip" their cigarette butts, discarding the remaining tobacco in the grass, and rolling up the paper in very little balls.

Well, it's easier, more thoughtful and more polite to simply avoid any kind of littering.

Remember to be a good neighbor. Don't litter sidewalks and roadsides with any kind of trash. Let's all cooperate.