America rotting

America rotting

June 11th, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

In recent days, a worker at a Planned Parenthood location that contributes to the group's approximately 33,000 abortions annually was videotaped counseling a pro-life groups' acting "client" on how she could decide the fate of her unborn child based on the desired gender.

While the left rails that abortion is necessary only for the "life of the mother" and in extreme circumstances around an unwanted pregnancy, this video demonstrates the ease with which a Planned Parenthood employee guided a young lady from the life-affirming group Live Action into a decision-making process that had absolutely no safety "reproductive rights" involved. The acting mother was directed to "wait until her baby is five months along to get an ultrasound that reveals the sex of the child" to know the gender of the unborn child.

The soul of America is on display at moments such as these.

In the wake of this revealing act, the U.S. House brought forward legislation, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, that would impose fines and prison terms on health care providers who perform abortions for the sole purpose of gender selection or "sex-selection abortion."

You've heard of a similar practice in China. The Communist nation permits only one child per family. That results in the desire of many families to choose a male through sex-selection abortion.

The legislation introduced in this country failed in the U.S. House in a 246-168 vote under a parliamentary procedure, a suspension of the House rules that allows only limited debate and requires approval by a two-thirds majority of the chamber. Thirty more votes were needed for passage, news accounts show.

Mara Hvistendahl wrote in her book, "Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men" that "by August 1969, when the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Population Council convened another workshop on population control, sex selection had become a pet scheme. If a reliable sex-determination technology could be made available to a mass market," there was "rough consensus" that sex-selection abortion "would be an effective, uncontroversial and ethical way of reducing the global population."

Hvistendahl notes that "there are over 160 million females 'missing' from Asia's population. That's more than the entire female population of the United States."

Research by Sunita Puri published in 2011 looking exclusively at Indian women who emigrated to the U.S. noted that 40 percent of the women interviewed had terminated prior pregnancies with female fetuses, and that 89 percent of women carrying female fetuses in their current pregnancy pursued abortions.

The White House response in its most pure essence is captured in a phrase by Jay Carney, the president's spokesman, refusing to speak against the use of gender selection as the criteria for abortion "when it comes to a very personal and medical decision."

Personal? Medical decision?

America is rotting, with its core of decay and those whose politics supersede all, even the basic decency that knows right from wrong.