Vive la entitlement!

Vive la entitlement!

May 14th, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

The United States is not the only nation holding elections that will impact critical economic policies and the direction taken in every sector of government and private affairs.

France's incumbent President Nicholas Sarkozy has the distinction of being his nation's first sitting leader in three decades to be defeated seeking re-election. Sarkozy's loss places him among a total of nine European leaders who have been ousted as the continent's debt crisis balloons.

The campaign of newly elected Francois Hollande features a few proposals and policy perspectives that ring familiar:

1. Taxing citizens making 1 million Euros or more at a rate of 75 percent

2. Stimulus spending in the government through mandatory wage increases and government services

3. Decreasing France's "dependence" upon nuclear energy

4. Legalizing euthanasia

The French victor proclaimed, "Austerity can no longer be inevitable!"

The contrasts of Sarkozy and Hollande are as simple as those seen in American politics.

The crisis in Europe reflects an aging population, a labor force that's shrinking and bureaucratic, government spending for entitlement and public support that long has surpassed its spending on national security, and a citizenry comfortable and expectant of public services rather than individual prosperity and responsibility.

In recent years, Europe has attempted to address its spending crisis through "austerity measures" that reduce government spending by reducing services and instituting a pro-growth, pro-business economy.

Nineteen-year-old Vilaine Chenais, who cast her ballot for the Socialist Hollande, summed up the election: " ... This means real hope for France. We're going to celebrate with drink and hopefully some dancing."

Sunday's election in France speaks volumes. At the polls, those wanting to be kept by government outnumbered those who work, produce and contribute to a healthy society and economy.

"Vive la France!" has been the proclamation declared as the French fought for their first republic all the way through history in their fight for survival against Nazi Germany.

Today, "Vive la Entitlement!" is the declaration fighting for government subsidies, public services and a debt that is just barely smaller than the nation's entire economy.

Amerique, attention!