The debate drinking game

The debate drinking game

October 3rd, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

Let's face it, the debates can get boring for even the most engaged political junkie. To make the night a more pleasurable experience, turn the debate into a drinking game using these rules:

• Begin the game by taking a drink* for each American flag on the stage.

• Take a drink each time Jim Lehrer cuts a candidate's response short or one candidate interrupts the other.

• Take a drink each time Mitt Romney says: deficit, ObamaCare, 16 (as in the $16 trillion debt), Paul Ryan, fiscal cliff, Ronald Reagan, stimulus, unemployed or unemployment, family, illegal immigration, Solyndra, domestic energy production or Ann (his wife).

• Take a drink each time Barack Obama says: millionaires, RomneyCare (or mentions the Massachusetts health care law), 47 (as in the 47 percent of Americans Romney claims are dependent on government), GM, Bill Clinton, middle class, hope, change, marriage equality, climate change, renewable energy or Michelle (his wife).

• Take two drinks each time either candidate says: George W. Bush, my friend, Joe Biden, gridlock, the Supreme Court or sequestration.

• Finish the glass if the audience boos or either candidate looks at his watch, says the word "lockbox" or states "You are no Jack Kennedy."

The Free Press editorial page encourages following the lead of Mitt Romney and drink lemonade rather than alcohol. If you do drink, drink responsibly, know your limits and use a designated driver.

* A drink is defined as a sip of wine or a gulp of beer. If you take a shot each time a candidate says one of these words, you will likely end up in the hospital next to the U.T. student who "butt-chugged" Franzia.