Facebook Feedback

Facebook Feedback

March 22nd, 2013 in Opinion Free Press

Facebook reaction to UTC's decision to buyout the last year of basketball coach John Shulman's contract:

Sorry Shulman had to leave. He knows you have to have players to win. UTC just has to take what is left with the SEC gets what they want. I hope UTC finds a great coach. Shulman is a smart person. He knows you have to win to stay. Good luck coach.

- Ben Dendy

Bruce (Pearl) would be a good coach. But it takes money. Lots of it. Yeah the UT system should just let (women's coach) Wes Moore coach both teams. He seems to figure out how to win. I would go to UTC basketball games if they had a chance of winning.

- Drew Gibble

It's about time!!

- Marty Casada

Finally. The games have been so lame these last few years.

- John Rose

Is Ron Shumate still around?

- Jim Larkin

He just hasn't grown the program. Wish him the best!

- Scott Creech

It's about time. Surely UTC can do better.

- Kevin Weaver