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May 15th, 2013 in Opinion Free Press

Do you like Chattanooga's stricter parking enforcement?

You would think that Chattanooga would have learned from Red Bank. You add a tax (that is what these fines are) and people will shop with their feet.

- Tom Adams

[The city should] focus less on making a buck at the expense of an area of Chattanooga that relies heavily on tourism. Enough unwarranted parking citations to out of town visitors WILL result in a negative reputation that will negate the benefits store owners thought they would see by encouraging better turnover.

- LoisAnn Shannon Baucom

Fee grabbing = Running the tourist away. You're shooting yourself in the foot by being greedy.

- Mark Melton

Where I lived last, in a similar-sized city, they took all parking meters out of downtown and the city actually saw a rise in revenue from more sales taxes coming in since people were shopping more frequently and longer downtown. There have been times I would have liked to visit another shop but, no, I had to walk back to my car to stick more change in and then just decided to leave. If I need to purchase an item, I look at the malls and online before I would go purchase downtown - though I prefer to support local merchants.

- Steve Rogers