Tweets of the Week

Tweets of the Week

May 18th, 2013 in Opinion Free Press

Ann Coulter, author and commentator


With this IRS enforcing Obamacare, good luck to any Republican looking for an organ donor.


Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment


Obama's obsession with "restoring the credibility" of the IRS shows he cares more about the IRS than its victims.


Timothy P Carney, columnist at the Washington Examiner


In 2012, every donation traceable to employees at the Cincinnati IRS office went to either Obama or (liberal Democratic Sen.) Sherrod Brown.


Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico


Where was the congressional outrage over the #AP phone record seizure when they were passing the #PatriotAct?


Glenn Greenwald, columnist for the Guardian


Has anyone yet justified why the DOJ couldn't have told AP ahead of time that they intended to seek their phone records?


Conor Friedersdorf, staff writer at The Atlantic


The Venn diagram circle of people whose rights the Obama Administration hasn't violated just keeps shrinking.


David Burge, editor of the Iowahawk blog


I'm half expecting Obama to appear tomorrow in braided epaulets, sash, and sunglasses