Pull the plug on the recall

Pull the plug on the recall

February 19th, 2014 in Opinion Free Press

Stop the madness.

Members of Citizens for Government Accountability and Transparency, those of you who live in Chattanooga City Council District 7 and those of who who don't, go now and demand the Hamilton County Election Commission end your effort to recall Chris Anderson as councilman in District 7.

Then speak against his proposals and urge the council to vote against everything he suggests. Hate his lifestyle if it makes you feel better. Make a complete spectacle of yourself. Knock yourself out. Then vote against him if he runs for re-election in 2017.

But do not use our county dollars for a recall election because you don't like that Anderson's gay or that he proposed domestic partner benefits for city employees. This makes every council-

person's every vote the potential subject of a recall election because someone doesn't like it. Don't make Chattanooga a laughingstock.

Now, there's a lawsuit filed on the councilman's behalf, suggesting the Election Commission allowed the recall drive to go forward even though it knew it was discriminatory. Your quick efforts, you members of Citizens for Government Accountability and Transparency, can both shut down this lawsuit and the petition drive. Do it now.