Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

October 4th, 2009 in Opinion Letters

Wildlife hunting takes a wrong turn

Tuesday, a deer hunter went bow-hunting in Mountain Creek about 200 feet in back of my home and even closer to other houses in the Horse Creek Farms development. He drove his vehicle onto private property, without permission, to retrieve the rather large deer and place it on his vehicle. When asked by a resident what he was up to, he told her it was none of her (blanking) business. Police were called and a report made.

Incredibly, there is nothing in the city of Chattanooga Codes that mentions anything about hunting in the city limits. It appears that everything to do with hunting is under the authority of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

TWRA seems to say that if the property was properly posted as "private" and fenced, we might be able to go after the guy.

This incident occurred less than 1,000 feet from Red Bank Elementary School around 11:30 in the morning when students were present.

I just read Tuesday that eight men were cited by Chattanooga police with patronizing prostitution within 1.5 miles of Clifton Hills Elementary.

I find it amazing that you can legally hunt some wildlife near a school, but not others!


Annexation nixes people's rights

If the way we have been treated by the city is any indication of the way we are going to be treated once we are annexed, we are in a world of trouble.

I've been at every annexation meeting. I've seen smirks, eye-rolling, and boredom from the council. I've seen Mr. Littlefield walk away when he has been asked a direct question. I've been asked, "Do you think the council heard what was being said?" I replied, "Yes, that's their job, but most of them weren't listening."

The city officials had eight years of knowledge about the annexation; we, the annexed areas, have been aware of this for about two months. When we speak at the meetings, we are limited to a three-to-10-minute time limit, depending on how many people are speaking. Do you feel we can express our thoughts, feelings and concerns in such a short time? Sure we have freedom of speech, but it's limited. The council should stay as long as it takes for us to say what needs to be said. What happened to "America the free?" We are being forced to live in the city. We chose to live in the county. What happened to people's rights?



BCBS' benefits raises premiums

I'm a BlueCross-BlueShield health insurance policy holder. After reading the article in Sunday's paper, now I know why BCBS raised my insurance premium $100 more a month, raised my co-pay 25 percent and increased my mail-order drug fee almost 100 percent. I think it's great that BCBS encourages their employees to exercise and eat healthy, but at the expense of their policyholders?

I'm amazed at the amount of equipment available to their employees. I've been told there are no less than three cafeterias they may choose from at a small charge.

I've been inside the YMCA and The Rush. BCBS is a not-for-profit insurance company and I appreciate that, but I question how they can in good faith build the new buildings and offer the fringe benefits they do and increase rates like they've done in the past year. Neither mine nor my wife's wages have increased, yet we have to pay for what BCBS has done and is doing during a recession. Now I know why they lost the Medicare account, which they've had since the inception of Medicare. I've had coverage with BCBS for almost 20 years but come time to renew for another year I will be looking elsewhere.



Money a weapon of oppression

The American Revolution overthrew aristocratic domination; but aristocrats disliked the masses' equality. To put them "in their place," the Society of Cincinnati, under Alexander Hamilton's leadership, wanted Federalist government with taxing power removed from the will of the people. The overriding issue was money.

By reinstating aristocratic control, the conspirators betrayed the revolution for personal gain and subverted the Constitution by sabotaging a "more perfect union." That's treason!

Aristocratic arrogance ushered in slavery, Civil War, regional hatred, and economic exploitation. Globalism, debt and taxes now devastate working classes. As Federalism undermines constitutional authority, it becomes increasingly authoritarian.

The timelessness of Messianic wisdom, whose cornerstone is unity, understandably condemns divisive aristocrats while teaching "common wealth." Although opponents call this "communism," manipulating common funds confiscated through taxes and usury is how capitalists and Federalists keep the masses servile and dependent -- "in their place." Money is the weapon of oppression!

Throughout history, Federalism has been the problem, never the solution. America, from which all wealth flows, is indivisibly one. Aristocrats sacrifice unity for vanity. What they do to the least of these they do to America because, without unity, there's no "domestic tranquility." The rule of law gives way to chaos!


Obama putting nation on feet

President Obama has delivered on his promise to fix the American economy with a stimulus package that passed without Republican support.

The stimulus package has pulled us back from the brink of financial catastrophe and started us down the path to recovery. He has fought for health care reform despite a steady flow of lies and misinformation from the right. And, at the U.N. recently, he began the process of repairing the damage done by eight years of Bush administration unilateralism to our nation's international standing.

Many conservatives seem to conflate healthy criticism of our government and our past policies with hatred for America, unless, of course, the government is headed by a Democrat and the criticism comes from the right. Then it's patriotism.

But that's all right. We, who are patriotic and progressive, forgive him.


Sewanee, Tenn.

Displays misuse religious freedom

Our Founding Fathers were free thinkers, atheists, Christians, agnostics, Freemasons and deists. When they wrote the Constitution of the United States they chose to include the separation of church and state. This was to ensure that the state-sanctioned religious persecutions that plagued Europe would not be tolerated in America.

Our proud country includes many different religions and a large population of nonbelievers (about 17 percent): a true "melting pot."

So whether it is erecting enormous crosses, huge Bible verse signs at public high school athletic competitions, or prayer being said in public gatherings or government meetings: it is unfair.

When overzealous citizens misuse the privilege of religious freedom with such displays, it sends a message of intolerance and shows a blatant disregard for the laws that govern our land. It is also an insult to our Founding Fathers and their "great idea.'

Our 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant, said: "Leave the matter of religion to the family altar, the Church, and the private schools, supported entirely by private contributions. Keep the church and state forever separate."


Flintstone, Ga.

Cheerleaders show courage for signs

Once again we are allowing the minority (a very few) dictate policy and poor standards to the majority of Americans! Case in point, the removal of the banners displayed at the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe football games, with Bible verses urging people to commit to the Lord. The cheerleaders who made them should be commended, and I cannot praise them enough for their boldness and courage as a witness for the Lord! Their action has restored my faith in this younger generation!

Now we need to stand up and support these young people. They have given us, as Christians, a golden opportunity to be a witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Let us all contact our representatives in the Congress and demand that these laws that prevent freedom of religion be overturned. Just maybe we can get Bibles and prayer back in our schools! Remember only one person had them removed!



Chamber works for private profit

I write concerning the published responses to the lamentable remarks of Hayes Ledford, late of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

Most of those who have written have asserted that Ledford, a Chamber lobbyist, represents "us." No doubt the Chamber is overjoyed that many of the public believe that one of their spokesmen represents the broad range of citizens. Ledford never did represent me, and I know of no evidence that he represents the average citizen.

He worked for the Chamber of Commerce, the principal group of businesses in the community. Their interest is not the public interest; they work for their personal and private profit, pure and simple. The Chamber operates, for example, as though the nation cannot afford to deal with global warming and climate change. Truth be told, the nation cannot afford to ignore such drastic threats to the public well-being.