Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

October 10th, 2009 in Opinion Letters

Bush left nation in financial ruin

I noticed in your Sept. 29 editorial concerning the financial condition of Social Security you used the same Republican talking points when questions about the $2.5 trillion trust fund came up during president Bush's effort to privatize the system a couple of years ago; "There is not money there, just IOUs." Will the same talking points be used when Communist China and all the other countries we owe trillions to ask to be paid back? "I don't think so." The $2.5 trillion was built up mostly by low- and middle-income people who paid Social Security tax on 100 percent of their income. In 2016, payments to retirees will have to be supplemented from the trust fund. Will the "pay back" come from the same wage group that built it up? "I don't think so."

When President Bush took office, Clinton left him a $250 billion surplus. Bush left Obama a $1.3 trillion budget with about 40 percent red ink, two wars, with the economy in the tank. He also managed to double the national debt in eight years. What a difference two terms can make. I think we would be better off if we had gone with our native son, "The lock box man."


Manchester, Tenn.

Public option needed in reform

I support a strong plan to reform our health care system. A strong and meaningful public option needs to be included in the package. There must be provisions for not having a policy that has pre-existing conditions to be insured, drop or weaken conditions when you get sick, and no caps on coverage in one's lifetime.

The public option gives everybody a choice and cuts costs which is so badly needed today. We need quality and affordable choices. Make the above request work in the new plan. America needs to get healthy again without going bankrupt.

Please support the plan that works for all Americans for a change.


Public schools breed violence

Public schools are nothing more than government funded hatcheries where God is excluded, while atheistic ideas are promoted by law.

These institutions are the very breeding grounds that contribute to violence upon society.

The Bible teaches us that man was created by God, while schools teach our children that we descended from primates and evolved into mankind. If science is right, then that explains why we hate one another. After all, violence must be encoded in our evolutionary DNA, right?

Notice in nature how a different sub-species within the same scientific classification will resort to screaming and fighting when their territory has been violated by another sub-species having similar characteristics. Now observe this same animal behavior in street gang activity, for example.

If evolution theory is to be accepted as a scientific fact, then the different races of mankind or sub-species, which all fall within the same declared scientific classification of "homosapien," should have full impunity from any action of hate. That is exactly what has happened in our culture.

Under evolution's own teachings, hostility toward one another would have to be only a natural action inherited through our primate origin, right?

And so the monkey rages as another civilization falls.


Chickamauga, Ga.

Don't let Congress bankrupt America

Don't let Sen. Baucus' health plan bankrupt America.

Learn from the almost bankrupt state of California and help prevent Congress from pushing America over the financial edge by meddling in health care reform.

For health care reform to be effective, it must include tort reform as well as removing barriers on private insurance. It must also include a willingness by Americans to assume greater responsibility for their own health through healthier lifestyles, controlling weight and not smoking.

We must not forget that it was Congress' interference with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that precipitated the Wall Street disaster, the banking collapse and the clunkers debacle.

Without question, capitalism, the free enterprise system, provided more benefits and greater freedom than any other system in human history.

Until the $90 trillion funding deficit is solved, all earmarks should be removed from any legislation before Congress, health reform included. Anything less is fiscal irresponsibility.


Signal Mountain

Pastors influenced early America

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Most people don't know Christian pastors had great influence in founding our nation. Pastor John Witherspoon not only signed the Declaration of Independence but historians say he is "the man who shaped the men who shaped America." He taught our first leaders social and political thought, ethics and public policy. Witherspoon taught the father of our Constitution, James Madison, one U.S. president, and vice president, three Supreme Court justices, 50 U.S. congressmen and 56 state legislators. Most of our first hospitals and colleges were started by pastors.

Pastor John Harvard started Harvard University. Until 1902 every president of Princeton had been a pastor. President James Garfield had been a pastor!

Pastors were greatly respected and influential in every area of life until 1954 when Lyndon Johnson's amendment passed outlawing churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Nancy Pelosi wants to further restrict the speech of pastors by hate crimes laws that could cause pastors who preach what the Bible says about homosexuality to be fined or go to jail.

One hundred years from now it won't matter if we had health insurance or money. It will only matter that we repented (turned from sin) and accepted and trusted Jesus.


Elizabethton, Tenn.

'New' news media focus on Obama

How is everyone enjoying the apparent "new" news media we have? It appears somewhere along the way all our major news media with the exception of Fox News has sold out to "Obama News Corporation." Every time you turn on the news or read anything, it's about Obama, unless of course, they are able to dig up something negative about a Republican that will make the GOP look bad. Then they spend countless hours belaboring it. Rep. Joe Wilson said it like it is, and look at all the criticism he has received.

But when Rep. Nancy Pelosi spoke about the CIA briefing, the "new" news media for the most part ignored it. Last week she basically said that anyone who rejects her party's health care bill is an idiot. Remember, this is a well structured plan by the liberals that has been going on for many years, but it's not working, and they are getting frustrated. Boy, I bet they hate Fox News!

Remember the old adage that if you present something often and say it often enough, people will start to believe it? It won't work with me. How about you?