Letters to the Editor - 1

Letters to the Editor - 1

August 13th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Recalling officials empowers people

Although I'm figuring out how to afford Chattanooga's newly increased taxes for property, sewer and storm water, I no longer feel powerlessly ripped off by my mayor and City Council.

It's not that I've suddenly accepted my helplessness. It's that our citizens group, Chattanooga Organized for Action, is no longer just waiting for open government. We're asserting the power vested in the real government, the people. We're attempting to recall and replace our corrupt politicians.

We've got recall petitions out at each Friday's Nightfall Concert Series and the Sunday Market until Aug. 22.

And you can download and print the forms from www.recallron.com until Aug. 25.

We're not stopping with recalling the mayor. We want to oust the entire voting block that has been pumping up the size of government on the backs of citizens struggling in a recession.


'Angel' provides teacher support

On Saturday, Aug. 7, I was shopping for class supplies in the Ooltewah Walmart, spending my personal money to stock my classroom. A conversation began with a mother who was shopping for her children's school supplies, and she commented about how she sympathized about high school teachers having to use so much of their own money to supply their classrooms and that every year she always gives her sister $50 to help her with classroom materials.

I laughed and asked her if she would be my sister that day. She grinned and moved on to buy her children's supplies. In a few seconds, she returned and insisted I take $20 to use in my classroom. I refused but she insisted and said she hated it that teachers received so little money for materials: $100 in BEP money from the state.

I don't know her name and don't know how to thank her, but my angel, you purchased hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues and cleaner for my classroom. Thank you, Walmart Angel.

I hope you see this and realize what you did for me and how you helped me feel proud to spell my name TEACHER; for all teachers, thanks for your support.



Misdirected anger guides recall effort

We don't all have to agree on everything all of the time, but one thing Chattanoogans can be assured of is that the man who currently holds the office of mayor is a good, honest and caring man with the city's best interests at heart.

That doesn't mean you'll always agree with every decision he makes.

Mayoral elections are held every four years so that citizens can vote for who they feel is best for the job. Attempting to oust an experienced mayor two years before his term limit is up is nothing more than misdirected anger. Personal attacks on a man's integrity and family are another thing altogether.

I hope that by the time the recall deadline is up, the recall folks will have determined the identity of their next glowing candidate - one who holds unanimously agreeable answers to every single future challenge the city faces.

If not, I hope they will at least find it within themselves to put all of the vile anger and character attacks on city officials to rest for once and finally let the current mayor do his job for the next two years. The one he was elected by actual voters to do. Twice.


Denver, Colo.

Red Bank Middle needs new facilities

For several years now, the parents and students of Red Bank Middle School were looking forward to having a new middle school that they could be proud of, but it's apparent that won't happen.

Evidently, our commissioner and school board representative don't think Red Bank Middle is as important as Signal Mountain, East Ridge, East Hamilton or any of the other new schools when it comes to new facilities.

What a shame.

Our students are just as important as any other student in Hamilton County. Ask any of the teachers or principals of the new schools if having new facilities and the newest technology don't have an impact on student success and overall pride.

When will we, as parents and members of the Red Bank community, unite to assure our kids aren't discriminated against when it comes to having the same equally new facilities and materials other students have? I hope all parents of RBMS students join the PTA so we will hopefully be heard.

Please get involved in our kids' education and make sure they're as prepared as every student in the county. They deserve it! It appears our elected officials aren't going to stand up for what is right and needed for our kids.



Only Constitution can guide judges

I would like to take issue with Tuesday's letter suggesting that "Any judge or panel of judges who arrogantly attempt to overrule the Lord God ... should be impeached." I submit that the United States is not a theocracy, but a Democratic republic.

Judges in the United States are sworn to make decisions, not based on certain Scripture or anyone else's religious writings, but upon the Constitution of the United States.

When legal decisions are made based solely upon religious doctrine, be it from the Bible, Koran or any other non-secular document as opposed to the Constitution, then, and only then, has the judge failed to live up to his or her oath of office.


Blue Ridge, Ga.