Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

August 18th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Recall efforts bad for job recruitment

I didn't vote for Mayor Ron Littlefield and don't agree with him on a number of issues. However, this recall effort, if successful, will not be in the best interest of our city.

I know that when prospective employers are making their selections on where to locate with their new jobs, they place considerable importance on stable political environments. They don't like uncertainty.

Our city is always in fierce competition for the recruitment of jobs with many other cites throughout the country. Any potential major employer needs to know that the elected officials they are to deal with are not subject to continual recall threats not only on the mayor but the councilpersons as well.

They understand an orderly election process that occurs in a regular election cycle, but the continual threats of recalls create too much uncertainly and turmoil for large business investors. As my dad always told me, "Don't cut your nose off to spite your face."


Listeners will miss WDYN shows, staff

It's very sad to hear that WDYN is being sold. Listeners in the Chattanooga area are going to miss it tremendously. It's the only FM Southern Gospel music station here. I keep my dial on WDYN all the time.

Dr. Danny Lovett has said Tennessee Temple "is in the academic business, not the radio business" and also "WDYN is one or our best assets." This station hasn't been a liability because through the share-a-thons, they have supported themselves. Many listeners have contributed either with one-time giving or every month support through the years.

It's very disappointing to have this "snatched" from us. I'll miss Sonrise with Tom and Bob, Prayer Time, Gospel Dynamite with Dr. Bouler and Hey Earl.

WDYN is local and personal. It seems very cold for the Bible Broadcasting Network not to be required to staff the station with any local people saying that would be a "heavy burden."

Tom, Earl, Bob, and the staff behind the scenes, the "Heavy Burden" will be missed by everyone who has shared the ministry since Dr. Lee Roberson founded WDYN.

I know there are other Christian radio stations in Chattanooga but none match the programming WDYN provides. It's always been my first choice.


Obama shows his insensitivity

President Obama has announced he supports the building of the Islamic Mosque mere blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks in New York. By doing, this he displays his insensitivity to the victims and their survivors.

Naming it the "Cordoba House" reflects a 10th century victory of conquest of infidels by Muslims. So if this building is supposed to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, why a name that infers "conquest" and why near a place where extremist Muslims attacked our country?

The reason is it is not a place of worship or relationship building but a shrine to a Muslim victory over so-called infidels. The fact that Obama supports this shows where his heart really is. I would also like to see a Clay Bennett cartoon lampooning this intolerance of the victims of this violence.



Here's a recipe for a perfect politician

How do you get the perfect politician?

You take a lawyer who's loaded, add the "Barack the Magic Negro" consultant, and be sure to include a heavy dose of a preacher-turned-politician-turned-TV host. There you go! We get Chuck Fleischmann and his campaign.

An embarrassing time to live in the 3rd District.

Zach, can you please wake us up from this dream?!



Sale Creek, Tenn.

Improve research in 'green' techology

Concerning the "Blueberry farm goes green" article (Aug. 14). I am no electrical engineer, but 4,000 watts for one year is 35,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. The residential cost of electricity is approximately 9 cents per kwh, creating an estimated electricity value of $3,200 (and this with full sun 24/7!). At this rate it would take 10 years to pay off the cost of the solar grid that was installed.

Now, with government largesse from USDA (why?), federal and state tax credits and TVA purchasing electricity at 22 cents and selling it at 9 cents, it magically becomes profitable after two and a half years.

I may be very wrong but it appears like this is a perfect example of government waste. Better that money be spent on research of "green" tech that is cost effective and efficient. I would like someone from TVA to write in and explain this further.


Tire debris likely not from retreads

I appreciated your front page article (Aug. 15) as I too have traveled the Georgia roads and was surprised at all of the roadside debris. However, in defense of the retreading industry, I must comment on the implication that retreads are one of the major contributors.

A retread is made by buffing the old tread off of the tire's carcass and then a new tread is bonded and cured onto this reused and inspected perfectly good casing. The way that you can confirm if the road litter is new or retreaded is by looking for steel cord extruding from the tread. Case in point, your front page picture clearly shows the wires protruding from the tread edge (if this were a retread, all that you would see is smooth rubber).

The tire depicted most likely failed due to a road hazard, or heat or underinflation. Check it out the next time you're on the highway: 99 percent of the treads that you see will have the wires (known as steel belts or tread plies) attached to the tread.

So please do not see this as criticism of your article, just educational information based on my 30-some years experience in the tire industry.



Anger at officials is not misguided

Regarding the letter (Aug.13) titled "Misguided anger guides recall effort."

While I'm sure the mayor is a "good, honest and caring man," the fact is he wants to build a personal legacy in his last term on the backs of all of us who will bear the exorbitant tax and fee increases for years into the future. The "misguided anger" at city officials is anything but misguided. Indeed, it is the right and moral obligation of all voters to hold their elected officials accountable to the electorate. For those of us who vehemently oppose their actions, recall procedures are in place to re-enforce the will of the people.

Please join The Chattanooga Tea Party and www.recallron.com and do everything possible to recall the mayor and then elect the person to restore this city back to the people who live and work here.



Patriots don't have to be in military

This is in reference to the gentleman in a letter saying you weren't a patriot if you were not in the military. According to the dictionary, which he should consult next time, a patriot is "One who loves, supports and defends their country." I do love and support my country and I was not in the military. And I know many more of the same. The next time he spouts off that "only the military can be patriots," I hope he remembers this.

And, if I remember correctly, when Bush and Cheney were in office, we weren't trillions and trillions of dollars in debt and every time someone wanted money, sending it to them! And, I believe the "right-wingers" are helping by voicing their opinions and trying to bring about "change"!


East Ridge