Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

February 16th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

ID theft exposes another risk

Dave Flessner's article on the BlueCross ID theft (Feb. 10) exposes a risk other than the loss of confidential information by a non-profit corporation.

Recall the public and congressional outrage that resulted from the revelation that all members of the board of directors for The New York Stock Exchange, another non-profit corporation, were friends of the CEO who had appointed them to the board and that they, in turn, were paying that CEO an annual salary of $73,000,000. Congressional hearings confirmed the alleged corruption.

Indeed, every non-profit corporation, each without stockholder oversight, constantly walks beside the murky waters of lack of accountability, secrets, deceit and corruption.

It is stated that BlueCross has spent $7,000,000 to identify the scope of the problem with perhaps more millions yet to be spent. Who, one might ask, has been held accountable for an event of such financial magnitude that occurred four months ago? Anyone?

If not, accountability resides at the CEO level of the organization. Thus, in the absence of stockholder oversight, one would expect the board of directors to address this accountability issue, if it is not to become an issue of corruption.


Dalton, Ga.

Terrorists are enemies of state

The only real way to fight the so-called "war on terror" is to terrorize the terrorists. The only thing they respect is force.

These monsters are enemies of the state. They are enemy combatants who declared war on us when 9/11 happened. They certainly are not entitled to the rights of U.S. citizens in federal U.S. courts, or given Miranda rights!

The job at Homeland Security is to protect the people here, and they failed. Then they want to take credit for what others did instead.

Those who go to tea parties, those who show patriotism and love for their country, those who fly a military flag, those who want to protect the family, the unborn, to defend traditional marriage -- we're the ones considered by some to be terrorists, not those who try to catch themselves on fire so they can blow up an airliner.

We are told that we should never profile anyone even if there is an obvious pattern of behavior on the part of a certain percentage of those who commit terrorist acts. Just about all of them have consistently shown to be from Muslim or Arab terrorist networks. Who can deny this obvious pattern? Can you?


Power of money can be a weapon

In regard to the China situation. Quite a few countries consider the United States a paper dragon. In my limited experience, 11 years in the Army, and master's in political administration, we, the U.S., have a very effective way of dealing with China and other countries that do not respect us.

As the song says in the musical "Cabaret,'' "Money makes the world go round," simply by devaluating the dollar or repudiating our debts and taking a global bankruptcy. Even the threat will have most countries standing around with shaking knees.

Of course, politicians, not statesmen, will not use this simple tool because it will hurt their own meal tickets.




Political parties just don't get it

The Democrats still don't get it; but then, neither do the Republicans. Middle America doesn't want more government, higher taxes -- of any kind, more intrusion into private lives, spiraling debt, or more mandates especially when unfunded. Americans are tired of back-room and secret special-interest deals, and a regulatory system that allows the greedy to get rich on the spoils of the middle class.

Most independent Americans want a competitive (private) marketplace to help keep prices low and opportunities high. They want just enough well-focused regulation to create a fair, level playing field, not suppressive over-regulation of the economy. They want an end to the unrestrained spending of many Democrats, Obama, and the earlier Bush administration, and transparency in campaign contributions and political negotiations.

The majority want comprehensive market-based health-care reforms, but not the extent of government control in the current bills.

Immigration shouldn't be an all-in (Democrats) or all-out (Republicans) issue.

Unfortunately, there are no viable third parties, and current election laws make that route unlikely. So all I can do is vote carefully and keep writing my representatives, hoping the politicians eventually get it.



City is fortunate to have Mutter

On Sunday Dr. Mitch Mutter and a group of dedicated Chattanooga health professionals flew to Haiti for 10 days to assist the earthquake victims.

Forty-three years ago when I was a junior at UT, Dr. Mutter was Mitch Mutter, backup center on the Vol football team. He wasn't a great player, but was good enough to letter on the Vol team that finished 9-1, won the SEC and played in the Orange Bowl. After finishing his career he went on to med school and fortunately for Chattanooga ended up at Erlanger. He's taken trips to Haiti before the earthquake to aid that impoverished nation.

There's been lots of negative publicity recently about the UT football program. However, for everyone who embarrasses the university and the football program, there are many more Dr. Mitch Mutters. I might add, the same applies to our friends at Georgia, Alabama, Florida and other big-time college football programs. College football has its problems, but it also has many success stories like Dr. Mutter, who might not have been able to attend college if not for his athletic ability.

Chattanooga is extremely fortunate to have the old backup Vol center by the name of Dr. Mitch Mutter.


North Chattanooga

Many already have socialized care

This letter is for all the people who are adamantly opposed to socialized health care. Just a few facts for you to ponder over.

If you receive Medicare or Medicaid benefits, you have socialized health care.

If you are an employee of a city, county, state or federal government, you have socialized health care.

If you are a congressperson or a senator or a member of any branch of the armed services, you have socialized health care.

This means that they take money out of my paycheck every week to provide you with something that you would deny the rest of us.

So if you still are so opposed to us getting what you have, please do the rest of us a huge favor. Ask Rep. Zach Wamp and his wife where they would be without their socialized health care.