Letters to the Editors - 2

Letters to the Editors - 2

July 10th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Story on traffic fines has errors

The July 3 article about Signal Mountain contains errors and misrepresentations. It implies that Signal Mountain is balancing its budget using traffic fines. Not true. The reporter misstates the raises passed by the council. Employees will receive an average 1.5 percent raise with ranges from 1 percent-2 percent based on performance. The reporter did not contact anyone on the council.

Public revenues are down, and ours are no exception. However, our town has cut budgets aggressively. Many departments finished this fiscal year under budget. This allowed for the raises. Revenue from fines only just cover the costs of the court itself.

The article didn't say that drivers are being inappropriately charged. If drivers are speeding, they should be charged. I am committed to keeping our town safe, including enforcing our traffic laws. We welcome visitors. We only ask that you not speed through our neighborhoods.

The implication of a change in enforcement due to the "speed camera" controversy is absurd. To state that our police chief "lobbied" for the cameras is also inaccurate. He made us aware of an enforcement option. That is his job. We reviewed this option and decided against it. That is our job.

I think the council would agree with me in expressing my enthusiastic and unqualified support for Chief Veal. The same goes for our town manager and her staff and their superb response to our fiscal situation. This is why they earned and were awarded this small raise.



Signal Mountain

Town Councilmember

Haynes offers a new voice

I ask the voters of District 3 to join me in supporting Marty Haynes for the Hamilton County school board.

I believe we are ready for someone with new ideas and a new voice to represent us. I like Marty's idea of an online check register. This program would allow voters to go on line and view budget spending by the school system.

Over the past 20 years, I have watched Marty spend countless hours helping others in youth league sports, PTA functions, school projects, and numerous other community events. Community service is something that is part of Marty's DNA and will not go away after this election cycle.

Marty has repeatedly reminded us that the success of our communities depends on the strength our families, churches and schools. District 3 needs someone like Marty who is passionately connected to our community!

Please join me Aug. 5 in supporting Marty Haynes for the Hamilton County school board. Early voting is available July 16-30.



Banks want no rules at all

I am now convinced that the banks, big business, and the Republicans will do anything to defeat the Democrats in 2010 and Obama in 2012.

Let's face it, folks. The banks have all the money, and they don't want to spend it. They don't want to loan to new homeowners, or new small businesses. They want to keep it!

They absolutely do not want to help Obama jump-start the economy by creating new jobs like manufacturing windmills, solar panels, batteries for electric cars, because truly they simply want the Democrats out of power. They don't care about the "state of the union," or the millions of people out of work. They don't even want to extend unemployment benefits.

If the economy were to really start getting better, the Democrats would get the credit. These people are on the side of the Republicans because like Bush before, they can then more easily control our government. No more push for regulations, clean energy, immigration reform, health care, and everything else that the Republicans have tried to block Obama from passing.

Oh yeah, and lower taxes for themselves. There's always that. They basically want no rules at all.