Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

July 11th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Hunter not suited for apartments

A 250-unit apartment complex will be constructed on Hunter Road if the Chattanooga City Council approves a rezoning request. Such a development would be extremely dangerous for travelers in the area.

Hunter Road is heavily traveled, narrow with no shoulder, and is a six- to eight-mile series of hills and curves.

A 2009 traffic study showed over 12,000 vehicles per day travel this country road lined by hundreds of single-family homes. Hunter Road connects I-75 to Highway 58, and is the route recommended by interstate signs for visitors to Harrison Bay State Park. Consequently, there are numerous travelers unfamiliar with the road, many pulling campers and boats.

I live across the street from the proposed site. I disagree with certain professional engineers who have said the road and the planned apartment entrance/exit is safe. Numerous cars have come to a stop in my yard over the years on this "safe road"! I have witnessed time and time again the back-up a wreck on Hunter Road causes and how this affects police and fire responders getting to the wreck site.

Please sign the petition to stop this rezoning at www.voiceforooltewah.org.



Many don't believe Gobble's message

Four years ago, many residents of Bradley County supported Tim Gobble for sheriff, based on his promises to do things differently. They believed his message then, but don't believe it now.

After getting elected, he certainly did do things differently, but not what was best for our county. Tim Gobble embarrassed all who supported him by dragging the county to court because he was mad that his budget wasn't big enough.

Now Gobble tells us he's the candidate for Congress who will cut the spending and will support small business. He uses his salary as sheriff to stick it to the taxpayers one more time on his way out the door and campaigns in other counties while accepting a paycheck to protect and serve the citizens of Bradley County.

We won't be fooled again. If Gobble wanted to spend money so badly in Bradley County that he sued for more, he won't cut the spending in Washington. If he doesn't mind collecting a paycheck to campaign for another office, he won't put people first. We don't need a career government employee telling us he knows where to cut government. We need someone who will really do it.


Cleveland, Tenn.

Create state jobs here at home

What a perplexing election cycle. Many voters are frustrated with Washington's lack of progress on a variety of crucial issues.

Many state legislators around the country have come up with fascinating ways to bring in new jobs and business opportunities, but not so much in Tennessee. We still spend sizable chunks of state revenue to lure business from out of state. What's wrong with made in Tennessee?

What if we instituted a program where the local city or county government paid for a homeowner's solar panels, which would then be repaid by the monthly energy savings on that home?

What if we created a market for farmers to sell direct to schools?

What if we gave our rural school systems the option to switch to a four-day school week to save money?

What if legislators worked from home during part of the legislative session? What if, on Nov. 2, our new state legislators agreed to check their party affiliations at the door and work together?


Tullahoma, Tenn.

Electing Wamp can help region

It has been 105 years since a governor was elected from Southeast Tennessee. Currently, Hamilton County has representation through United States Sen. Bob Corker. This year, Zach Wamp is running for governor. Imagine the possibilities for our region if the U.S. senator and governor, both from Hamilton County, served at the same time ... jobs, economic opportunity, jobs, education, and more jobs. That's just to mention a few possibilities.

Some of Zach Wamp's critics say "he should have stayed in Congress." Folks, Zach Wamp has served our region with distinction in the United States Congress for 16 years, and now he wants to focus his attention on making a difference statewide for the citizens of Tennessee. Zach Wamp has been a successful congressman; imagine what he can do as governor.

As you drive by the new Volkswagen plant, Chickamauga lock and Moccasin Bend, think about these wonderful additions to Hamilton County before you cast a vote for someone other than Zach Wamp. Zach Wamp's tireless efforts in Congress helped secure the funds for countless projects in and around Hamilton County. It may be another 105 years before we again have this unique opportunity for our region. Please vote for our friend Zach Wamp.



Elect Arnold, avoid more of the same

Dean Arnold deserves our vote for the school board on Aug. 5.

I appreciate his conservative values and his vision for improving public education. He's a realist who can appreciate the complex challenge of providing a quality education for or children within the means of the budget.

He's also a very bright, creative and resourceful person who will represent the best interests of all concerned, including me, a parent desiring the best education possible for my son. We don't need more of the same.

Please join me at the polls on Aug. 5 to elect Dean Arnold.


East Ridge

Fields' judgment is best for county

I encourage residents of Hamilton County District 2 to vote for Jim Fields for county commissioner on Aug. 5. I have known Jim for over 14 years. He is a person of the highest integrity, sound judgment and even temperament.

Jim is a man who has met payrolls and balanced budgets. He has a proven record of sound fiscal management. Jim is hard-working and has a long record of service to the community. He is a conservative who can be counted on to provide leadership during these challenging times.

Jim Fields' commitment to our community will be a valuable asset as Hamilton County faces many opportunities and challenges in the coming year. I encourage every resident of District 2 to go to the polls on Aug. 5 and vote for Jim Fields to represent the as county commissioner.


Now is the time for Wamp's service

Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of my dear friend Zach Wamp and his bid to serve as the next governor of the State of Tennessee. My relationship with Zach is founded not in politics but as a fellow church member. I do know Zach's views on important political issues, but more importantly, I know his heart!

Zach loves the people of the state of Tennessee as exemplified by his many years of public service. Over the years, many Tennesseans have reached out to Zach in times of great need and he has worked tirelessly for each and every one. Zach's service is based not on money, status or ego, but on his desire to give of himself for the benefit of others.

If there was ever a time in the history of our state when we needed a strong leader with a conservative biblical worldview -- not just an indecisive number crunching multimillionaire businessman or a one issue rabble-rousing politician, but a decisive, passionate, tireless and compassionate visionary leader for the State of Tennessee -- it is now!

Zach is the right man to lead our state as governor of Tennessee.