Letters to the Editor - 1

Letters to the Editor - 1

July 23rd, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Cartoon depiction one of intolerance

As a subscriber of the Times Free Press, I would like to voice my displeasure at Sunday's cartoon depiction of a fish symbol turned into a shark and the notation "Intolerance" on the crayon. I do not appreciate Christians being portrayed as intolerant. True Christians are to love all and, at the same time, stand up for truth. Christians are entitled to their beliefs, just like anyone else. It seems that this cartoon depiction is intolerant of Christianity!


Dual funding best for Chambers

I read, with interest, Sunday's Times Free Press article "Chamber chided for taking tax dollars."

I retired from the Sequatchie County-Dunlap Chamber last August after serving as director for 10 years. Roughly 40 percent of our modest budget came from the city and county government. Businesses have to make a profit to survive. Employees and taxpayers also have to live. Chambers financed by both private and public sources should be fair-minded enough to work for the good of all.


Dunlap, Tenn.

'Witch' cartoon a negative allusion

In response to a recent letter accusing Clay Bennett of anti-Christian sentiments, I remind everyone that Christians don't have the market cornered for false piety. Hypocrisy abounds in all faiths. But Christians do seem to holler the loudest about it, especially at election time. It's a rare person who looks in the mirror and doesn't flinch.

In the Clay Bennett cartoons I have seen, I note that he doesn't suffer fools gladly and he doesn't pull his punches. In my opinion, he only blew it once, and that was the July 20 cartoon, which shows a witch riding a broom to write a message in the sky. It reads, "Surrender, Fleischmann."

It occurs to me that the reference to the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz will be lost on many people. But what concerns me, and I assume, many women, is that the idea for this cartoon would not have occurred to Bennett if Fleischmann were running against Robert Smith.

I am no supporter of Robin Smith, nor her regressive positions, and I hope she doesn't prevail. She's a forceful woman, to be sure, but Bennett's cartoon reinforces a negative allusion to a strong woman's personality. We're better than that.


Fairchild loyal and committed

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Everett Fair-child for many years, and I have the utmost respect for him.

He is a man of honor, integrity and strong morals. In addition, he is fiercely loyal and committed to the Hixson community, especially to the students. I have observed him wearing many hats (principal, community leader, school board member) throughout the years, and his ability to lead with a servant's heart never ceases to amaze me. He also stands up for what he believes in, even if that means standing alone.

I have also noticed that Mr. Fairchild attends as many school functions as possible, even those outside of his district when invited. His love for this city, his desire to see our schools constantly improving combined with his commitment of time, energy and passion is to be commended.

Thank you, Mr. Fairchild, for all of your hard work. You have been an outstanding school board member, and I hope you continue to serve for many more years!


Swafford has shown he can run office

Ronald Swafford has the proven experience, leadership and management skills to effectively lead the Juvenile Court clerk's office for the past several years.

Mr. Swafford understands and performs the actual duties required by this office. He has the qualifications, knowledge and positive track record to continue to hold the position of Juvenile Court clerk. Mr. Swafford proficiently administers the Juvenile Court clerk's office by maintaining accurate records, supporting the judicial process and effectively managing budetary and personnel resources.

Also, Mr. Swafford has received various accolades confirming his good work as Juvenile Court clerk.

It is unfortunate that today's political climate allows for one's office to be challenged based on rhetoric rather than facts. The proof is in the pudding, folks. Please don't allow yourself to get on the emotional band wagon of voting against someone because their political affiliation may be different than yours. Think for yourselves and vote for the person who has proven that he can diligently run the Juvenile Court clerk's office. Ronald Swafford has what it takes to continue to do the job!


GOP weaves webs of deceit

Greed, racism and religiosity used to weave Republican webs of deceit.

Greed: Bush's $700 billion 2008 Wall Street bail-out. His near killing the regulation of banks, Wall Street, and Big Oil. Biggest U.S. debt increase. And every Tennessee Republican voted in support of all this.

Racism: Republicans need an enemy to attack so they look busy. Now it's "illegal immigration." Who is hiring them, Democrats? No way; bosses are 99 percent Republicans.

Religiosity: "Term-Limits" Zach Wamp's shared tax-free D.C. house because "prayers are said there." Many prayers are said in taxed Tennessee homes. And the Tennessee homes don't have Zach's buddies - "family values" politicians.

All that matters is that GOP "big boys" stay in charge. No mind that they run the country into the ground time after time. No matter 'cause they don't suffer; just us that they run into the ground with fewer and fewer jobs, less and less money, and more and more worry.

The "big boys" just laugh, yell, and point fingers at those that didn't do it. We've all seen that on the job way too many times.


Smith works to serve others

The election for the 3rd Congressional District is illustrating a well-known truth: There are a few good people in this world who work to serve others. Then there are certain people who try to move ahead by tearing down the work of others.

I am honored to know Robin Smith and have had the privilege of working with her for many years. She has and will always serve others. It's obvious that Chuck Fleisch-mann and his campaign are desperate and they are not focusing on the issues that affect the people of the 3rd Congressional District. Join me in voting for Robin Smith.


Give Hammond vote of appreciation

If the voters of our county have not exercised their privilege during the early voting process, I hope they will turn out on election day and give Sheriff Jim Hammond and his staff a tremendous vote of appreciation for a job well done.


Former Chief Deputy

Fleischmann seeks office with altruism

Though a novice in the political arena, Mr. Chuck Fleischmann is a man of faith and family who will enhance the integrity of our government as our 3rd District congressman. He possesses a true sense of altruism in his quest for public service and has an unparalleled empathy for senior citizens.

I urge you to vote for Chuck, who will render educated, thoughtful and considerate decisions in the role of a conservative congressman.