Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

March 20th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Hasn't fraud, waste already been cut?

Did you ever wonder...

For the past 20 years, have you ever listened closely while politicians at all levels enlighten us mere mortals about our need and inferred right for better health care?

They inevitably unveil a new government program that (1) provides better health care, (2) to more people (3) at no increased individual cost or taxes -- or possibly even reduced expenses. They assure us that their program will be "revenue neutral" (i.e. at no increased expense) due to savings to be realized by reducing current "fraud, waste and abuse" in existing programs.

Did you ever wonder, since they are already aware of pools of millions of dollars currently being stolen from all government levels through fraud, waste and abuse, why have not appropriate agencies already recovered these funds and punished the crooks?

Insurance companies are legally required to reserve a certain percentage of all received premiums to ensure that funds are immediately available to cover potentially huge payouts incurred from dramatic tragedies (e.g. hurricanes or tornados). Do you wonder if your governments are presently "overlooking" huge pools of stolen funds to use to finance new socialized government programs?

Makes one wonder ...


Signal Mountain

New traffic signal makes things worse

The traffic light at the intersection of East Brainerd and the Ooltewah-Ringgold roads is one of the most screwed up engineering that I ever observed!

This intersection had a four-way red blinking light. Traffic flowed with ease. Two opposing cars, one turning left, one going straight -- the straight traveler had the right of way, rarely ever a traffic jam!

So our knowledgeable traffic engineers installed standard signals, and traffic halts with horns blaring. What's wrong? Traffic going east on East Brainerd Road has a left-turn lane. All other traffic, no such privilege! Traffic behind them is stalled, tempers are flaring! Exiting the convenience store and going any direction? Traffic isn't moving, irate drivers not letting you into the flow.

What can the traffic engineers do to correct this? Easy! First, program the new lights back to the red blinking sequence. Then widen the road the other three directions, accommodating left- turn lanes. Simple!

This new traffic light was mandated because of the new East Hamilton High School. Even the school buses easily negotiating the red blinking light are having difficulty turning left, and I surely don't want "hot-under-the-collar" school bus drivers around our children.



'English only' bill shows state racism

It is outrageous that Tennessee is considering such a hateful bill, "English only" for testing drivers.

This is just a confirmation on how racist this state still is.

Have you noticed how many legal immigrants are coming to Chattanooga for different reasons? Some come to learn English, some come because of a job transfer, as is the case of many of the VW families. I personally know a family who was transferred here from Barcelona, Spain, VW plant. They speak German and Spanish only. Their kids are attending schools here, so they need the English as a Second Language classes to be able to perform successfully in the classroom. The mother needs to take the driving test in her native language, which is Spanish, so she can legally and safely transport her kids whenever they have extracurricular activities and to go back and forth to the school to learn English.

Passing such a bill would be evidence that this area does not deserve foreign investors here, does not deserve the VW plant. The road signs are international, even if you don't speak English, you can still get the message.

They are using this not to make Tennessee safer, but to continue with their splashing of hate and discrimination.


East Ridge

Deal delay best for the district

I commend Congressman Nathan Deal for listening to his constituents and postponing his retirement from Congress.

After he made his initial announcement, President Obama said he wanted a vote no later than March 18 on his health care package, which would have been after Rep. Deal's original date to retire. At great sacrifice to himself, he agreed to wait until after the vote so the 9th District wouldn't be without a voice.

Some people talk about his missing votes in the House. I don't have a problem with Rep. Deal missing votes to name a building or bridge after someone or on procedural items. He hasn't missed any votes of a substantive measure and that's what we need.

Some people talk about an investigation by the Ethics Committee, but do they know a group funded by George Soros is making the complaint? I wouldn't give any group funded by Mr. Soros any credence.

Rep. Deal is an honorable man. He's the only candidate with experience at the local, state and federal levels of government and is in a unique position to understand the ramifications of legislation passed by these entities.

His background clearly shows he is definitely governor material.


Rock Spring, Ga.

ObamaCare means we lose freedoms

My predictions if ObamaCare passes:

Because, by design, there are no controls in ObamaCare, costs will continue to skyrocket. The outcry over this will "force" Obama to offer a public option at artificially reduced premiums, wiping out private insurers. ObamaCare premiums will be tied to medical costs, thereby automatically increasing taxes without legislation. Benefit rationing will follow.

ObamaCare benefits do not take effect until 2014, while taxes to pay for the plan are to take effect immediately. This is unfair. Consequently, Obama will make benefits effective at the same time as taxes.

Using the cost on ObamaCare as an excuse, Obama will mandate what we can eat by taxing various foods. For example, "obesity is dangerous to our health" ( which Michelle is already trumpeting). Because of the effect of pollution on the general health and ObamaCare costs, Obama will raise taxes on gasoline (he already thinks $7 a gallon is a "fair" price). Similar legislation will be demanded for the same reasons.

If ObamaCare passes, our ability to decide almost anything in our personal lives will be limited or destroyed by government.



Tackle campaign reform after health

I have worked in the medical field most of my life. Over the years I have seen the steady decline in quality of care. Nurses' patient load keeps increasing. Profit in the health care field is inhumane.

Our Congress took over a year to create a weak health care bill. But we all know they will never agree on a better one. I am tired of hearing the myths, the mistruths and fear tactic politics.

It is sad this is the best bill our Congress could come up with. Starting over will only worsen the situation for the voters.

I believe after we pass health care reform our country should concentrate on campaign reform. Our congressmen spend all their time raising money for favors and it's the system we created. It's time for campaign reform; that's the only real hope we have for productive change.

It's also time the public get unbiased facts about prospective bills. It's our fault we are so easily fooled by the speculation and propaganda.