Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

November 16th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

GPS' tribute to vets appreciated

Thank you, GPS faculty, food service personnel and students for your tribute to veterans.

The lunch was wonderful, and the words of appreciation from the headmaster, students and Mrs. Linda Mines were heartfelt and eloquently presented.

Mrs. Mines noted that to today's students, Vietnam is as distant as Valley Forge is to us older Americans. She stressed the need to let the younger generation know about the hardships and dedication to duty that were exhibited in times past and still today by members of the military.

So, thank you, GPS, for your efforts to keep the flag flying for the freedom of us all.


Ringgold, Ga.

GOP attacks are misdirected

Apparently a section of the electorate in this country already has forgotten who got us in this huge economic mess we're witnessing today. Before President Obama even took office, the right-wing noise machine was planning how to stop any attempts by the Democratic Party, who were voted into office by a large majority of Americans, to clean up the mess left by Bush and Co. Their constant attacks on anything and everything associated with Democrats is so unabashedly misdirected, it boggles the mind how gullible voters are.

Not only do we have an oligarchy in this country, we now have a plutocracy. The Republicans in office today are controlled by the moneyed puppet masters. They have no interest in securing a better quality of life for the average citizen. In fact, their plan (as they have stated) is to undo the very things that have made this country the envy of the world - Social Security, Medicare, a livable minimum wage, quality education for all our citizens and a civilized society for all.

The ones living in their "non-reality" world are going to find that tax cuts for the ultrarich are not the answer to our problems.


Signal Mountain

Airpower is key in military fight

Since some restrictions on airpower in Afghanistan were lifted, airstrikes in the last four months have risen and that's making a difference.

More than 2,100 bombs or missiles have been targeted at the Taliban from June through September, up 50 percent. This tool was shelved after 2009 to reduce civilian casualties at the expense of our own troops.

Promising to lift some restrictions on the use of airpower, Gen. David Petraeus said he had a moral imperative to bring all force that is available when troops are in combat.

These new attacks are assisted by better intelligence derived from increased remotely piloted aircraft surveillance and reconnaissance. There have been 21,000 close air support sorties so far this year, surpassing 19,000 flown all year. Civilian casualties have not risen. Of all the weapons at our disposal, Taliban most wants to limit the use of airpower.

We should use everything at our disposal to defeat the enemy and protect our troops.

Airpower is not the end to any conflict. It takes the entire team to fight and win, but airpower provides the top cover our ground forces need and puts them out of harm's way. We simply cannot win without airpower.


Lt. Col. (Ret.) USAF

Partnership offers services for abused

Indeed, there is help for the abused in our community. Many thanks to Connie Popa for raising her voice to help victims ("There is help for the abused," letter, Nov. 12).

The Partnership's Family Violence Center is yet another resource, and a very comprehensive one at that, for victims of family violence.

The program not only offers shelter to victims and their children, but it also provides counseling and support groups, court advocacy to support victims through the legal process, ongoing care management for victims and their families, a bilingual staff to reach out to Latino victims, and many other support services offered through other Partnership programs.

Most importantly, the Partnership's Family Violence Center operates a 24-hour, seven-day-per-week crisis hot line at 423-755-2700. This hot line assists victims and their families with every family violence concern, and it is free and confidential.

There is help out there, and we at the Partnership challenge others to support victims by spreading the word about these services.




Partnership for Families,

Children and Adults

Tolerate differences in science, religion

The purpose of the Freedom From Religion Foundation is to promote the separation of church and state and to educate the public on matters relating to atheism, agnosticism and non-theism. Membership dues are used to pay legal fees in cases supporting the separation of church and state.

Locally, the Chattanooga Freethought Association meets regularly, and membership has been steadily growing. We are an honest, law-abiding, altruistic group of people who derive our knowledge and understanding of our world and universe from science - not religion.

I hope we live in a community where the contradictions between science and faith are tolerated and respected. In this great nation we have no established religion, and separation of church and state should strengthen all citizens' rights to believe as they wish.


Flintstone, Ga.

School production of play outstanding

Usually, our letters to the editor are to moan and groan about a confused and ignorant world.

My wife and I just experienced the Chattanooga State Theatre & Musical Department production of "The Drowsy Chaperone." We were blown away.

We don't claim expertise, but we have been privileged to enjoy theatrical productions in major cities, foreign and domestic, and what we saw Saturday at Chattanooga State was worthy of any venue we have been to. And for $10. Congratulations and many thanks to Chattanooga State and to all involved.