Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

September 15th, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Fairchild a great asset for the city

My family, including two children, moved to Chattanooga 32 years ago. My first job was to get the children in local schools and try to make a smooth transition.

Everett Fairchild was principal of Hixson Middle then, and I went to him for help with my son, who had been in high school at our previous location but whose grade level was middle school here. It was difficult to preserve high school credits he had earned when several of his courses weren't even offered in middle school.

Mr. Fairchild bent over backward to help and actually created a unique solution to our problem. I learned that he, in all situations, put the students and their education and well-being first.

If you've read the paper lately you will note he was one of the School Board members who voted against pensions for himself and the remainder of the board. The jobs these people do is very important but it's not full-time. Mr. Fairchild is a fine man who sets an outstanding example through his service to this community. His honesty, integrity and kindness to everyone he encounters make him a great asset to this city. Chattanooga is lucky to have him.



Right-to-work law attracts industry

Your editorial regarding Whirlpool's remarkable investment in Cleveland was refreshing as it was one of the rare times you did not attack corporations.

However, you neglected to mention that one of the compelling reasons Tennessee is attractive to manufacturers is that it is a right-to-work state.

I hope you and your readers really understand the competitive significance of a non-union environment in the new methods of producing quality marketable products.


Cleveland, Tenn.

Reverse retirement plan for board

School Board retirement. This was a bad decision, chosen at a bad time. People are out of work. [Many] have been out one year or more.

This will cause people to take a bad look at education in our county.

A lot of people are going to call for a cut in the school budget.

If they have this kind of money, why do the schools need single mothers working for minimum wage to buy books?

I'm sure if Chester Bankston had had time to think about this, he would have tried to stop it.

Rhonda Thurman has been my hero on the board, and she didn't let me down on this. Chester, Mike Evatt and David Testerman are people of integrity. I worked with them, and I'm sure they will set this right.

Rhonda Thurman is a lady of integrity.

These are hard times, and they are going to get worse. Retirement benefits for the School Board should have never come up.

The people of the county can't let it rest. When money is so tight and they're trying and having such hard times.

The sooner they reverse this plan, the better for the system and the schools.



Don't let the GOP ruin Social Security

Republicans are all about privatizing Social Security and have openly said so in many of their election campaign speeches and on Fox News.

They have even gone as far as to say if they win the House of Representatives this November, they intend to make it a major issue.

Why? So their super-rich Wall Street playmates can control all of our money!

You may want someone like Goldman-Sachs or AIG handling your Social Security, but I think I'll stick to the federal government handling mine.

Under privatized Social Security, the next time Wall Street creates another financial meltdown (and they will) that will be the end of the middle-class, and as usual, the GOP will see to it that their pals sail away again under golden parachutes with billion-dollar bonuses in their pockets.

Keep Republicans from playing with the retirement money we worked all our lives for by not giving them the House of Representatives this November.



Rocky Face, Ga.

Bed bugs dwarf 9/11 coverage

What's wrong with this picture? The Times Free Press editors choose as their lead story for their Sept. 11, 2010, front page a large photo of a bed bug with accompanying bold print, which dominates the front page, as compared to a much smaller and subordinate photo of a New York deceased firefighter's 9/11 memorial at the bottom of the same page.


Doonesbury in poor taste

Doonesbury (Sept. 12) Cartoon has never been in such poor taste, absolutely disgusting, to show two men hanged in one of their panels. These are the "Sunday Funnies" that kids most likely get to read. There is nothing "funny" or entertaining about Garry Trudeau's cartoon.

I wonder how many kids have seen this and will have nightmares, or even if ideas have been planted in their heads? I know there are movies that are rated, there are computers that can lock the kids out of certain areas, there are TVs which can be controlled, but how do you stop a kid from reading the "funnies"?

I hope I am not the only one who took offense with this "cartoon." Do your editors get to see these cartoons before they are printed?



Don't let attacks alter our future

Sept. 11 is a day that will always be a day of remembrance for what our nation endured in 2001.

It should also be a day of remembrance that when called to action, ours is a nation that can, should, and will stand together to face any threat arrayed against us.

Our citizens united when called upon by attacks against our liberty and freedoms. The attacks on 9/11 weren't just attacks by Muslim extremists against our country. They were attacks by an extreme ideology against constitutional liberty and democratic freedoms. We were attacked not for something we did but for something we are: a nation of liberty and equality that at its heart is moral and Christian.

We mustn't allow those attacks to change our identity or alter the direction of our future.

I thank our men and women in uniform for all they do to keep the wolves of the world at bay. They serve us in far off places and dangerous lands. I pray God will keep them safe by the power of His name.

Ours are the greatest troops in the world who, when called upon to thwart danger, never shrink from duty. I'm proud of them and proud to be counted among them.



Look at the facts about the economy

Correspondents with letters and some editorials published in this newspaper complaining about the current administration's economic policies ignore certain pertinent facts.

Beginning with Eisenhower, Republican administrations, most notably that of Reagan and both Bush presidencies, were concluded with a deficit. Presidents Truman and Clinton passed on to their successors a substantial surplus only to have it frittered away.

President Obama inherited from Bush two questionable wars and the worst economy since the Great Depression.

While still a long way from complete recovery, stock market growth, steady retail sales, manufacturing profits, job increases in certain areas such as American automobile manufacturing saved by President Obama, are increasing in exports, banks just beginning to lend, tax relief in prospect for small business and Americans saving - all positive indicators.

Another depression has been averted, and full recovery is in prospect with no help and only hindrance form the opposition.


Sewanee, Tenn.