Beware of calls seeking donations, and other letters to the editor

Beware of calls seeking donations, and other letters to the editor

April 5th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Tell all you know that you love them

To support Sgt. James Timothy Chapin's family in this time of need, Abba's House is accepting donations for the Tim Chapin Memorial Fund.

While I did not know Sgt. Chapin personally, my fiancé worked for his wife for two years at Abba's House Academy.

Tim's wife is a wonderful lady of strong faith and loved and cared for my fiancé while she was employed at Abba's House like she was her own child.

This tragedy has weighed heavily on my heart and made me realize all that I am thankful for in life. Tell your parents, children, friends and family how much you love them since it is obvious that we never know what will come our way each day in life.

Even if you know your family members know you love them, you can never say it enough.

God Bless Tim Chapin's family.


Beware of calls seeking donations

This is a very difficult time for law enforcement, especially in light of the senseless murder of Sgt. Tim Chapin on Saturday.

I received a solicitation call from the Police Protection Fund on Friday evening, asking for a donation to "help the families of slain police officers." A sad coincidence.

I "Googled" Police Protection Fund and found that my suspicions are correct; the funds are going to everything but officers' families.

The caller told me that the money goes to the families of slain officers but on PPF's own headings, they proclaim their mission as "educating the public, etc." with nothing at all about families.

Please do not make any contributions to callers asking for money unless you know the person or the cause, and try to keep it local.

Any time you receive calls asking for donations, ask for the exact name of the charity and check it out at "Charity Navigator" on the Internet.

Calls of this nature often come immediately after a tragedy, such as tornadoes or earthquakes, when Americans' giving nature is at its highest.


Captain, Chattanooga Police Department


Public schools about money, power

It is very telling when government administrators (who call themselves "educators") complain of "losing" public school students to private schools. Public school teachers know the students "lost" to private schools will receive a superior education; that's why public school teachers send their own children to private schools.

What really bothers these administrators is the loss of tax dollars. If public school administrators cared about our children, they would celebrate the students who escaped their dropout factories masquerading as schools. Instead they try to imprison our children in failing and often violent day prisons.

Public schools have devolved into a high-stakes game of grabbing money and power while avoiding accountability. That's why they oppose giving parents the right to choose where their children go to school.


Newspaper makes living in city a joy

Seven years ago, we moved to Chattanooga from Southern California. Thanks in part to the Times Free Press this has been the most satisfying of 13 relocations.

Perhaps the most impressive and delightful contribution to our lives has been the focus of the Times Free Press on the community. The selfless efforts by celebrities and common folk of all ages have nurtured our appreciation, respect and pride in Chattanooga.

We like the emphasis of the Times Free Press on local news that is informative and balanced. The details of crime, murder, theft are acknowledged but do not receive prolonged attention. Also, the Times Free Press is not myopic in discussing regional, national and international affairs. Consequently, we are able to converse intelligently about our world.

In short, every aspect of living receives attention by the Times Free Press. Food, exercise, gardening, etiquette, puzzles, sports, concerts and interesting events are included in the familiar segments of the paper. We are amazed that our daily paper consistently features the creative thought of the editors and quality journalism by the writers.


Safety at school is paramount

Some say the (problems) surrounding the youth are caused by parental negligence. Safety in my neighborhood is not an issue compared to my concern for the safety of my children and the students at the schools.

Being active in my children's education has not proved beneficial, nor safe for my children.

I believe that my being active is detrimental to my children's safety/treatment while at school. I feel like they are being attacked because they are my children.

Many incidents are not publicized.

While at school, one son was beaten over the head with a chair, which required emergency medical attention.

Reports to administration about threats to shoot my child have yet to be addressed or those pertaining to the gang activity at the school. As recently as March 17, my son was assaulted by an employee. Administration's response was to wait after spring break to make the report. This response was unacceptable.

I initiated contact. I have been informed that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the suspect. State investigation is ongoing.


Congress doesn't protect taxpayers

I see where GE has reported a $14.2 billion profit from worldwide operations of which $5.1 -billion is from its U.S. operations. And through the loopholes so generously provided by our Congress, it pays not a penny in taxes. I call this legalized thievery.

Then I read in the news that Medicare and Social Security are going broke. No cost-of-living increases for two years. Right - the taxpayers are being shafted again by a Congress that is supposed to be looking out for them.


Cleveland, Tenn.