Make UTC area safe for everyone

Make UTC area safe for everyone


April 16th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Make UTC area safe for everyone

As a senior at UTC, I have been talking to other students about the recent death of Chattanooga police officer Sgt. Tim Chapin.

As students, we should feel safe and comfortable in our learning environment. UTC could use this current topic as a way to emphasize the importance of our safety to the student body. We do not want to constantly be looking over our shoulders in fear, which is why the university could do more to ensure student safety on campus.

It would also be helpful for students to understand how to keep incidents like the recent shooting away from UTC. Safety on campus should be of top priority and should concern not only the students, but the faculty as well.


Push to cut costs hits justice system

In reference to the Free Press editorial "An avoidable tragedy" (April 6), it reminds me what Popeye used to say, "That's all I can stands. I can't stand's no more."

The hypocrisy of the editorial is beyond me. The last sentence said "truth in sentencing" might have averted a tragedy. Why do you think judges and DAs plea down cases, pardon and parole boards release prisoners early? All of the above are under pressure to cut cost no matter what.

The reason prisons are overcrowded isn't because we put so many in prison; it's because we let so many out early. The justice system wasn't meant to be cost-effective; it was meant to be a deterrence. Cuts made or shortcuts taken have a price to pay. Some cuts make themselves known very soon, others take time to play out.

If we truly want our cities to be safe for us and our children, we need to fund the system adequately so that everyone knows that we are serious, e.g. the justice system and most importantly the criminal element. If this is done there will be a time when cuts can be made, maybe! Our safety shouldn't have a price tag on it.


Apison, Tenn.

Treatment of writer from officers rude

I greatly appreciate your coverage of Sgt. Tim Chapin's tragic death. It is lamentable that such things happen.

I was born in Chattanooga and am related to a former Chattanooga police officer (now deceased).

I believe your coverage of Sgt. Chapin was done not only with a great deal of sensitivity, but also compassion, honor, integrity and grace.

Therefore, I was extremely disappointed to learn some of his colleagues treated your journalist to unsigned, ugly emails. Since officers are often targets of disrespect, I would have thought they'd be the last to treat anyone else that way.


Henegar, Ala.

Why ask for money when you can work

Since moving to Chattanooga last fall as a UTC student, I have been asked for money five times by complete strangers.

However, what these people do not know is that my family is probably poorer than they are. I have had to work at several different jobs and rely on government grants to pay for my college education and to live on.

I have never once begged anyone for money. I just do not see why I should give my money to people just like myself, especially because there are so many government aid services for them.

One afternoon, I was asked for money by a fellow young person. I almost turned around and asked him for money, because there was no reason for him to not have a job.

I have had to work since my senior year in high school when my single mother lost her job, and by now I have almost finished my college degree as well. So why should anyone else get my money when they have the same opportunities that I had?


Recent discoveries challenge evolution

The "Theory of Evolution" is seriously challenged with recent discoveries!

Paleontology (study of life forms in Geologic periods), has convincingly demonstrated that animal life was created in a very short period of time in the Cambrian Period (i.e., "Cambrian Explosion").

According to Cambridge University (England) Paleobiologist Simon Morris: "The Cambrian Explosion demonstrates ... the abrupt appearance of animals." Intermediate life forms have never been discovered! Almost all of the animal phylum now known appeared abruptly in the Cambrian period! A discovery in China provides the greatest proof yet that life appeared so quickly, that paleontology is having to re-think the gradual development of life theory to explain it! Paleontologist Stephen Gould has pointed out: "Nothing distressed [Darwin] more than the Cambrian Explosion."

DNA research has demonstrated that the information needed to create human cells must follow a hyper-specific instruction set imbedded in the DNA gene. Life could not have originated by the right chemicals mixing at just the right temperature in a pre-biotic soup. Why? Even the simplest cell requires matter, energy and information! Cells can only be assembled with the blueprint found in the DNA! This is the DNA enigma: how did the complex DNA instruction set develop?



Too many won't join the military

These days, America doesn't know its military and the United States military doesn't know America.

When I came back from Vietnam in 1966, I came home. Everybody was talking about war or was at least concerned.

Sure, people were protesting, burning draft cards, etc. At least they were talking about it. They were interested in knowing what was going on.

Nowadays, nobody gives a darn anymore, because about 80 percent of the men don't have the guts to join the military. They have it made in this wonderful country of ours. Let someone else do their fighting for them.

I love to hear the many reasons these men give - why they don't join the military. I even talk to men who were of age back in 1962-73. I laugh at most of their silly reasons why they didn't join.

I just thought it was about time someone said something about it. I know that it is not going to help any, but I just had to say it.


East Ridge