'Citizens should look past rhetoric' and more letters to the editor

'Citizens should look past rhetoric' and more letters to the editor

April 19th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Citizens should look past rhetoric

We know the "Golden Rule" as the good book has taught us. The other "Golden Rule" is : "Who owns the gold, rules."

The Republican Party has come out with their deficit reduction plan, which will include privatizing health care for seniors - translation: your economic security or survival may depend on the generosity of the health insurance industry.

We should seriously reflect on what are our inalienable rights and what rights should be conferred upon us by the will of the majority.

As a personal note, my father had a stroke 15 years ago, lay in a coma for months, and was on Medicare. He was in his early 70s, had taken good care of himself and his physician insisted his vital signs were good.

Medicare honored the doctors' evaluation, and although the expense was great, he survived and now, at age 88, he can drive, shop and do most anything.

My 88-year-old mother appreciates Medicare.

We learn as we age, we value and cling to life as strongly as ever.

What are our values, priorities?

Politics, governance, can be noble and of ultimate importance.

As citizens, we should be attentive and look beyond the rhetoric.


Ringgold, Ga.

People don't understand laws

A reader from Dayton has concerns about what is and is not a natural born citizen. I will leave the debate for another time and address what I believe to be a bigger problem. He states that since one must be 35 years of age, "mathematically anyone 35 or older couldn't have been born inside the U.S. ..."

Before age is even mentioned, the Constitution states: "... or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution." He should know the first president born "in the United States," as in, after the adoption of the Constitution, was President Martin Van Buren, our eighth president.

I bring this meaningless fact up to show how people really do not understand our laws.


Civil War query was inappropriate

On the local evening news this past week a station had a segment called, The Question of the Day. After reporting on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, The Question of the Day was: "With which side of the Civil War do you sympathize"?

The Civil War was the most horrific war in our country's history. The clarity of the issues that once divided a nation and brought suffering and death to so many is palpable even today. One only needs to visit our own Chickamauga Battlefield to get a sense of the tragedy of this war.

I feel The Question of the Day was inappropriate and could only serve to ignite once again prejudice, hate, superiority and division still among us. Let us remember. Not Union, not Confederate, but as Americans we continue to experience divisions among us concerning serious social, economic, political and even worldwide complexities.

I believe in free speech and certainly freedom of the press. I also believe the local news is a place to go to get news. But if they need a question of the day, might I offer this one. What was he thinking when President Abraham Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."?


Race organizers deserve praise

I want to sing the praises of the Chickamauga Chase race director, George Skonberg, and his helpers who coped with the consequences of the gully washer we had Friday night.

With no time to spare, these volunteers for the Chattanooga Track Club worked super-overtime to plan and implement a flawless plan to cope with flooded conditions at the Chickamauga Battlefield.

I heard many compliments about "Plan B" and not a single complaint. I also believe that thanks are in order to Catoosa County, the city of Chickamauga and the Chickamauga Baptist Church.

Although we had to start an hour late, those of us who ran the race (1,000 strong) were a happy and upbeat bunch.

If Chattanooga ever has another flood, put George and his team in charge!


What was it Fleischmann said?

A Saturday (April 16) Times Free Press article titled "Area Republicans vote to overhaul Medicare."

I read the following comment by Mr. Chuck Fleischmann, quoting him as saying "I am committed to protecting senior citizens," said Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn. "But what we have got to do is to look at how these programs as to how they are going to affect younger people."

After very serious thought, I said to myself ... whaaat?



Privileged people gaining control

I am infuriated over the new rules the House passed last week in the FAA Reauthorization Bill to make non-voters count as yes votes in railway and airline union elections.

This ruling further proves how much more control corporations and wealthy lobbyists have in our House of Representatives. Democracy is government by the people, for the people but feels more like government by the privileged people for the privileged people.

Not one representative in the House would be in office today if their elections followed the same rules they're trying to impose on FAA workers.

It is only a matter of time before these anti-union rulings affect all unions. Therefore, union members must accept responsibility and unite against corporate greed and bad government decisions instead of waiting for the next ax to fall.

Unions are only as strong as their members. We must communicate with our union representatives and our union-friendly state representatives by fax, phone, mail and email, attend union meetings and support anti-union rallies.

Instead of attacking workers, our elected officials must focus on restoring balance in our economy and creating good American jobs that restore power to middle class citizens - not continue to beat us down.