Foreclosure notice limit aids lenders

Foreclosure notice limit aids lenders


April 24th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Foreclosure notice limit aids lenders

I see the banks want to cut the number of times they have to post a notice of foreclosure in the paper.

I have a better idea. Let them not post a notice at all. Then they could get any home, anywhere, at any time. And not show up until they have the eviction notice in hand.

This would ensure the CEO, CFO and COO would be able to keep their $800,000 salary plus stock options. I would hate for those people to have to apply for food stamps.

May they all sleep well.


State photo ID easily available

Fifteen years ago, due to her age, my mother surrendered her Tennessee driver's license. The Tennessee driver's license bureau issued her an ID card with her photo. It was to be used when a photo ID was needed, but could not be used as a driver's license.

Anyone with proof of citizenship can get a photo ID.

It is easier to get a photo ID than a driver's license. There is no testing required for the ID.

Minorities, the elderly and the poor, who are citizens, have equal access to this service.

I strongly support the idea of a photo ID being required prior to casting a vote.

My ability to vote is a privilege as a U.S. citizen that I would like to keep undiluted and sacrosanct.



Quarry spillage makes ugly site

On a recent visit while watching the delightful scenery off I-24 west of Chattanooga, suddenly a rather sickening site appeared.

Just before I-24 curves back south into Georgia, there is a quarry that has ugly rock tailings spilled down the side of the ridge and visible to all traveling the Interstate below.

This is an eyesore that will last many generations and will be virtually impossible to clean up or conceal as it is on the steep mountainside. Why allow this?


Nashville, Tenn.

GOP budget bill hits seniors, poor

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann voted for the Republicans' budget bill. This bill will eliminate Medicaid and Medicare as we know it, replacing a government-run health care with private health insurance. Health care costs will increase nearly 40 percent.

This bill forces seniors to purchase private coverage, much like the Affordable Care Act does today. Remember, the Republicans attacked Obama for Medicare cuts to seniors, arguing it would create "death panels," and now they have adopted it.

Medicaid changes will force the poor and disabled to purchase private health insurance. How will this be accomplished? Won't this put more of a burden on indigent care in hospitals, thus, increasing our costs?

Also, this bill includes major cuts to food stamps and education. Today, over 75 percent of food stamp recipients go to households with children. Food stamps is hardly a generous program: the average handout it $4.33 a day for families.

This bill increases taxes on the middle class and gives tax cuts to the rich and corporations. Those making over $373,650 declared income a year will see their tax rate reduced. Are they the ones who need it? What happened to taking care of each other, America?


State Executive



Democratic Party

11th District

Take country back? Go to the polls

Excuse me for asking, but I am confused. I keep hearing the tea baggers and neo-cons ranting about "taking our country back." Well would someone please explain to me who has "your" country?

I assume you mean that African-American who had the audacity to run for and win the presidency.

"Our" newly elected representative allows that the worst mistake that the United States has ever made was to elect President Obama. Well, I say to you the worst mistake that "we" ever made was to elect "Chuck" (Fleischmann).

His do-nothing, say-nothing, hear-nothing attitude is appalling.

Well! back to taking the country back. The way you take it back, if that is what you think needs to be done, is to go to the polls and vote, not pontificate to build up your egos.

As long as the people allow the "far right" to enrich the wealthy of "our" country, you the middle class will continue to lose more of your "worth."

It baffles the mind as to why so many people will vote against their own self interest. You have a large group of ultra right-wing demigods running in the "R" category. Elect one of them and see how much you like "our country."


Signal Mountain

Don't vote to back irresponsibility

We are the problem.

Obama is by far the worst budget-busting spender in the history of the U.S.A. He is not alone in financial irresponsibility. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of deficit spending.

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and Sen. Bob Corker just voted to reduce the federal budget by about 1 percent. My sarcastic reaction is, "big deal"! President Obama's proposed budget fix is a tax increase on "rich" citizens. His plan would generate about 2 percent more money for the government to spend. Again, "big deal"!

The budget cuts local politicians voted to approve are virtually meaningless in reaching a balanced budget. Obama's sickening game of blaming the "fortunate" for his spending problem will never balance the budget.

Politicians have us arguing over pennies while they steal our children's future and call the scheme "investing." The blame can be placed squarely at the feet of parents and grandparents. Voters must recognize that politicians are playing us for fools with grand tales of 1 percent spending cuts and 2 percent tax increases. Stop rewarding financially irresponsible politicians with your vote.



Tea partiers do little for Main Street

The tea party claims to be a people's movement to reclaim our community and our economy.

Two key factors contributed to their emergence as a political force: resentment over the changing racial demographics of the country ("I want my country back") and frustration over the lagging economy.

They are the homogenous and myopic elements of our society that view democracy as too progressive and too inclusive. Their alliance with the GOP is akin to Strom Thurmond's Southern Democrats' phoenix reviving from the ashes of futility to rise as the present day ultra-conservative wing of the GOP.

Chainsaw GOP/tea party legislators are slashing federal and state budgets insensitive to the long-term consequences of their actions.

Acutely aware that Republicans have not introduced a single piece of legislation to create jobs, Americans are finally speaking out against the inhumanity of these outrageous cuts.

Republicans are cutting funding for education, first responders and the neediest. Their agenda (overshadowing economic concerns) is social engineering: pro-gun and anti-choice legislation, anti-immigration reform, creating a theocratic state, privatizing government and demonizing minorities.

They simply want to impose absolute power over all aspects of our lives while doing precious little for Main Street.


Gang summit offers mixed messages

The violence occurring in our Chattanooga communities has been truly horrific.

On March 12, several Chattanooga organizations banded together for the Gang Awareness Summit, which was held at the Tivoli Theatre. The goal of the summit was to bring the Chattanooga community together to raise awareness and offer solutions to help combat the growing gang problem in Chattanooga.

The summit included a question and answer session with the Chattanooga Police Department, lectures and local musical/drama performances. The musical group "308" performed a rap in which they proclaimed Chattanooga's need for Jesus and his power to change our neighborhoods. A woman sitting directly behind me called out in agreement, "That's right! Our neighborhoods need Jesus!"

The next performing group had approximately 12 high school-age girls who began their presentation with a short dramatization and step performance. As the overtly sexual dancing continued, I glanced to my right to see a local-area pastor looking intentionally at the floor. At that exact moment the same woman sitting behind me calls out, "That's my baby daughter! You go baby girl!"

This story illustrates what is going on in our neighborhoods. Loss of accountability and credibility. Everyone knows sex sells, but does it sell gang awareness?