'Rick Smith has what it takes to do job' and more letters to the editor

'Rick Smith has what it takes to do job' and more letters to the editor

August 2nd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Ramadan a time to improve oneself

The holiest month for Muslims is Ramadan. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. But the purpose of this blessed month isn't merely to abstain from eating. The true purpose is to pray and refrain from immoral actions or thoughts. This month also is a time to remember all of the blessings we have been granted.

As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I have learned this month is a time to re-evolve oneself, do charitable acts, gain nearness to God, and most of all, be a good human being. I believe that one should continue to practice the self-reformatory changes that occur during Ramadan even after this blessed month is over.

The love for God and His creations attained during Ramadan also corresponds with being a charitable and loving member of society as well as being a better person. The Holy Quran says, (2:184) "O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous." In fact, fasting in different forms is still practiced by adherents of different faiths, including Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

Therefore, Ramadan can help one become a better human being who can benefit the whole society.


Police record was not pertinent

Melvin Brandon Fennell. Why was his police record at the end of the article concerning his death? Especially, in July 22 article naming the arrest of Brandon's suspected killer? How were his 22 misdemeanor charges over seven years pertinent to the arrest of his killer? How was it related to his shooting at all?

I looked up Fennell's arrest record at www.hamiltontn.gov. There were a handful of arrests with multiple misdemeanor charges. He was a young black man in a poor part of town with high crime. He was at a disadvantage for police giving him the benefit of doubt. It appears most of his charges involved indiscretions involving his children's mother and their personal relationship.

Unfortunate incidents in one's youth are often learned from and outgrown to be left in the distant past to those of us fortunate enough not to be shot in cold blood while watching over our children.

I've tried to connect the dots and understand why his history was a logical piece of information, but I don't see any need for it to have been mentioned. Is the writer's message cryptic and I'm missing the gist of the story, or was his record simply uncalled for pertaining to his death? I'm inclined to think the latter.


Seniors, soldiers always threatened

Dear Mr. President, I heard you say you will not guarantee Social Security checks if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Why is it the scare always has to do with Social Security, Medicare, and our soldiers' pay?

Why not stop your pay, your staff's pay, or Congress' pay to save more money for our country? Why use seniors, soldiers and our needy as examples?

Take the money from those who take no risks and reap the benefits! Instead of threatening to withhold Social Security, VA and disability payments of people who really need the money, let's hold the paychecks of all House and Senate members, then see how fast they resolve the debt-ceiling crisis!


Ringgold, Ga.

Study our people, not Guatemalans

Every day last week, I saw articles about the "poor plight" of the people of Guatemala.

I'm sorry but I just can't relate to this, at all! There are so many in our area who need jobs and homes.

A staff writer should travel around Hixson, Soddy-Daisy, East Ridge and other areas in our city and "study" the plight of the unemployed here.

I, personally, don't worry or care if a person from Guatemala is working or even what their situation is. I don't care about that any more than they would worry about anyone in my family.

I don't particularly want to help them or learn their language, and I certainly am not interested in reading more about them.

Why don't you move on to something else.


Tunnel Hill, Ga.

Smith has what it takes to do job

The past two school superintendents were "out-of-towners" and accomplished some good; however, each time we hire a new one, he wants to scrap all former plans, bring in his own "friends, buddies, and consultants," which does cost us more money.

So, why not give local qualified educators a chance? Mr. Rick Smith may not have a doctorate degree but he has over 30 years "on-the-job training" with a master's degree.

Through my many years serving local Red Bank area schools in PTA, as well as serving two elected terms as president of Hamilton County Council PTA '88-'90 and presently on the advisory board, I found Mr. Smith to be compassionate, forward thinking, and desirous of doing his best to educate all children.

If each of you who opposed his selection will be as dedicated as Mr. Rick Smith, our system will "flourish under his leadership."

Mr. Smith knows the communities, the different types of personnel, and where to place them. Local people can be successful! Look at what Mayor Ramsey and Mayor Littlefield have done with no doctorate degree.


Red Bank

Statistics show nation's racism

Quite disturbing statistics: Average white family income $113,000, Hispanic $6,000, and black $5,000. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Is there anything godly, fair, equitable or what we like to say American about this shame?

This expresses clearer than words how racist our country is as we look at other nations' "human rights picture." The blacks of our country have been most loyal, fought in every battle in her defense and paid more than their fair share of taxes.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press uses a public relations campaign to build sentiment for non-citizens while seemingly featuring unlawful acts of less than 10 percent of the black population as the norm for us as a people. Our plight as described by the statistics based on racism seems to be of no importance yet you say give the news without "fear or favor."

Did you know that our state government operates by extracting 1 cent plus sales tax on each slice of bread that a child eats and refuses to tax high earners on income?