Letters to editors

Letters to editors

August 10th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Leaders waste time on wrong issues

Re: Our leadership in Washington.

First, we elect a president who spends his first year forcing an unpopular health care bill through rather than concentrating on ideas to stimulate our economy and create jobs. The country reacts by electing enough Republicans to dominate the House.

Unfortunately, they have followed our president's lead. They have seized upon the issue of debt limitation rather than focusing their energy on positive ways to boost economic growth. As with health care, they have used their time and energy on a single issue, and we are reaping the reward as a lack of public confidence pushes us toward troubled financial times.

We all want a reduced national debt, but we also want paychecks. They are not mutually exclusive. We need leadership in Washington who can inspire our nation to believe in our ability to get people back to work and make America great.

Let's declare war on making the Middle East rich with our energy dollars. We can become self-sufficient in production of electricity within 10 years if we make the commitment. What about total energy independence in 20 years?



Get rid of clowns to solve problem

I see they are going to appoint a 12-man committee to solve the deficit problem that Congress can't.

So let's get rid of the rest of the clowns and really solve the deficit problem.


Spring City, Tenn.

Democrats are tainted

An article titled "Behind the market tumble" in the editorial section of the Saturday, Aug. 6, Chattanooga Times Free Press laid part of the blame for the stock market tumble on "A tainted Tea Party".

If anyone is really tainted it is the Democratic Party. The Democrats have let their party be hijacked by communists and socialists who hide behind the "Progressive" title. A video titled "Communism and socialism explained, an animated video" explains the difference between communism and socialism. Watch it for yourself and you decide. www.cpusa.org/communism-and-socialism-explained-an-animated-video/

If the readers want to be really informed, go to the Communist Party USA and read the propaganda. Read the communists' newspaper, the People's World. Read where Michael Podhorzer of the AFL-CIO made the statement "That means so-called 'Blue Dog' Democrats will not get backing, and that labor will actively hunt out pro-worker hopefuls for open seats," in reference to the SuperPac created by the AFL-CIO.

The choice the voters will have to make in the 2012 presidential, congressional and Senate elections is if you believe in communism and socialism, vote for the Democrats. Otherwise vote for the Republican.

Thanks for a great newspaper.


Cleveland, Tenn.