'Electric vehicles should pay taxes' and more letters to the editor

'Electric vehicles should pay taxes' and more letters to the editor

August 16th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Electric vehicles should pay taxes

Since electric vehicles do not pay gasoline tax, how do they pay for the privilege of using our roads, streets, highways and the interstate highways?


Christians sad about leadership

If ever there was a time for national prayer on the part of God's people, it is now.

And, as we have learned from history, especially recent history, we cannot be sure of anything that depends on the promises of man. Even the church is going through dissension and strife. We see signs which indicate on every hand that we are well into apostasy on the one hand and extreme Pharisaism on the other.

The rank and file of Christians across the country are saddened and sickened by the fighting and bickering among many of our leaders, both secular and religious.

They are alarmed by the state of the nation, and concerned for the welfare of the church. Certainly we believe in the separation of church and state; but this is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned for America.


Control budget, bring troops home

We know the Defense Department has been told to cut its budget 15 percent. I don't think most of us are aware of how they plan the cuts, and do not want our troops adversely affected in any way, while they are on duty, risking life and limb, making major sacrifices for this country.

I learned recently that military personnel are being told now, their retirement funds will come from 401(k) plans. Now after 20, 25, 30 years of service and such a volatile market, what do they have to look forward to? They have no means of voicing their opinion, unless specifically asked while in service.

As a widow of a World War II Army retired veteran, I can voice my opinion.

The Defense Department has served well throughout the years, rebuilding damaged countries following world wars and spending fortunes of money in Iraq and Afghanistan contracting and building those to better than they had. Quit! Bring our troops home and quit policing the world.

Above all, after our nation's defense, well being and safety, security of our troops should be No. 1, because of their sacrifices, and we need them here for this country. God bless America.


Parents hold the key for future

I am sure many Chattanoogans were as appalled as was I at the recent rioting across the U.K., especially in London. Having visited that great city many times, I have strolled the affected areas day and night without fear or concern.

There is much speculation as to how such things start and how they were allowed to escalate to such size and scope.

I would submit that lawlessness began two or three decades ago when God was removed from public schools and parents stood by and did nothing.

It began when multiculturalism and inclusiveness replaced right and wrong. Again parents stood by and did nothing.

It began when child rearing became the responsibility of schools and the parents stood by and let it.

Children who are not taught right and wrong, not taught what is and is not acceptable in civilized society, and not compelled to respond accordingly, are not going to learn it as adults. Having no basis, then, for good judgments, they make bad ones. Good self esteem is no substitute for good character.

The real question becomes, are we talking about England or America?


East Ridge

Companies do not pay income tax

Vastly simplified: In the present operating year a corporation prepares a budget for the next operating year. The budget includes a line item for labor. The budget includes a line item for materials. The budget includes a line item for (gasp) profit. The budget includes a line item for income taxes.

All of these expenses are added up, and the sum is divided by the number of widgets the corporation expects to make and sell in the coming year. That is the price that you and I pay for widgets. Income tax is in the price we pay whether it is automobiles or aspirin.

Our elected representatives can set corporate taxes to 34 percent or 3 percent. The corporation doesn't care. They all pay the same, so the playing field is level.



Tea party gets boost from blame

Regarding the editorial about "Tea party madness," on Aug. 10:

You blame the tea party for the stock market drop. Are you kidding me? I do, however, hope you continue because it just shows your ignorance.

The voters are tired of this type of propaganda, and the more you try to blame the tea party, the stronger we become.

Keep up the good work and the voters will remember in 2012.


Spring City, Tenn.