'Stop bullying for everybody' and more letters to the editor

'Stop bullying for everybody' and more letters to the editor

August 23rd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Stop bullying for everybody

Times-Free Press columnist David Cook (Aug. 15) spoke about bullying in schools, saying that "gay and lesbian, obese, and disabled" students are more likely to be bullied than others. He called all of us, particularly ones connected in any way with schools, to help stop bullying.

Surely we should all applaud that.

However, he also said, "By the end of the year there ought to be a 'Gay-Straight Alliance' in every school in Hamilton County." He said it would be considered a school club.

I believe that would be a sad mistake which would only cause additional unwelcome spotlight on some individuals. And why focus on "gay-straight"? Is he choosing that one because the gay-lesbian issue is a premier topic for political correctness? Using his list, to be fair, that would mean we would need an "obese-straight (skinny)" group also, wouldn't we.

What about others? One of my cherished friends in school was bullied because he was thin and weak.

I applaud Mr. Cook's statement, "Any form of bullying is unacceptable." But instead of identifying types by forming special groups, I hope there will be clear effort to stop it for everybody.


South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Fleischmann, tea party not our style

Are Chuck Fleischmann and the tea party really the best we can do in Chattanooga? Surely, neither represents who we truly are as a community.


Amazon sales still require tax

Lots of discussion lately about "Amazon." A deal was made between Amazon and the state ... and it should be honored. If it is a bad deal, the state should seek a solution (making the law equitable to all merchants). Amazon brings jobs and money into the local economy... people spend more (and the state still gets sales tax).

A recent Amazon order confirmation included the following statement: "Please be aware that this order is subject to Tennessee Use Tax (T.C.A. ยง 67-6-210) unless an exemption exists under Tennessee law. A sale is not exempt under Tennessee law because it is made through the Internet. Payments of applicable Tennessee use tax may be made through the Tennessee Department of Revenues Website at https://apps.tn.gov/usetax."

The purchaser still owes the tax "whether or not Amazon collects it."

The state online collection process requires effort (plus a credit card transaction fee). The state of Tennessee knows it is more cost effective for the retailer to collect the taxes and submit them to the state. Even after paying taxes, the product still costs less.

By the way - I just renewed my Times Free Press online. No taxes were identified or collected.



Insurance plan cripples Medicare

People in this country have been so taken in by the president's class warfare rhetoric.

It amazes me how they accept what someone says without seeking verification.

Those of you ranting about entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) had better consider this. The budget passed in the House of Representatives does not attempt to do away with Medicare as Democrats accuse. It is an effort to save it.

When ObamaCare takes that $500 billion out of Medicare to pay for those 30 million uninsured, there won't be enough money left for Medicare. Then the IPAB (we called it the death panel) will start cutting payments to doctors and hospitals, so good luck with getting that appointment with the specialist you need to see because he won't take you.

A physician that I know already has stopped accepting new Medicare patients for fear of what's coming down the road.

People had better face reality instead of listening to the president and his cronies. He doesn't care about you.

In the very near future, your Medicare will be gone and the few million in taxes that you are demanding from the "mean ol' rich" won't be a drop in the bucket.



Obamanomics recipe for disaster

The Democrats complain that the lifeless economy isn't totally their fault, and to a certain extent they may be right, but it certainly has gotten a lot worse under their watch and that's something they won't admit to.

Their anti-business approach has our economy at a standstill, and they fail to accept any blame for it.

When President Obama first ran for office, he sold himself as an intellectual who had all the solutions to America's problems. Now he pretends to be one of us when he recently asked Iowans if they had any suggestions or ideas for straightening out the economy he and his party made worse.

Well what is he, intellectual or political buffoon? This is the president of the U.S.? No, this is a skilled politician looking for votes.

Wake up, America. Four more years of Obamanomics is a recipe for disaster.

President Obama's legacy may very well be the "Space for Rent" signs hanging off the facades of once flourishing businesses across the U.S.A., space now empty because of liberal influence and misdirection. It will be one of the greatest ironies in my lifetime if he and fellow Democrats prevail in 2012.


Where are the jobs in rest of nation?

Liberals have said that the reason Texas had 37 percent of all U.S. jobs created in the last three years was not because of Gov. Rick Perry's policies, but the fact Texas got $10 billion of stimulus money from President Obama. Therefore, Mr. Obama created those jobs.

If Mr. Obama was that brilliant in Texas with only $10 billion, why wasn't he equally brilliant everywhere else with over $800 billion?

Seems like a fair question to me!



Tea party doesn't endorse candidates

We, American patriots, started out being called a bunch of gun tot'n, pickup driven' rednecks without much intelligence or just common savvy. Suddenly we graduated to being racists, and it didn't take long until the rest of the alphabet followed. You know, terrorist, xenophobe, etc.

In the beginning when there were a few hundred tea party patriots, we were discounted as a non-entity to be ignored. The left wing with Obama camp and the talking heads of the lame screen media lack a scapegoat, no offense meant to goats, so once again the tea party is to blame for the predicament the politicians have created for us as Americans.

Well, that's what Congress gets for trusting us gun tot'n, pickup drivin' rednecks who secretly gained control of the purse strings in Washington and were about to withhold Obama's play money.

The consensus of the great majority of tea party adherents is that we do not endorse candidates. That's what leads me to wonder how it is that the tea party is responsible for threatening to close down the U.S. government by not raising the debt ceiling to allow Obama to "spread the wealth around."


Tunnel Hill, Ga.