Tea party not as Pitts depicts

Tea party not as Pitts depicts


December 2nd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Tea party not as Pitts depicts

Leonard Pitts Jr. never lets a column go by without an outrageous attack on the tea party. Pitts suggests that we have "a pitchforks-and-torches mentality. They don't just oppose health care reform, they shout 'Let him die.'"

Pitts calls tea party members "virulently anti-government, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-tax, anti-facts, and most of all racist."

He accuses us of throwing "rocks through windows, threats against legislators ..." Next he suggests that we will blow up buildings. If one tells a lie often enough, the lie becomes the truth in the minds of many.

Not once during six trips to Washington, D.C., did I throw any rocks or threaten any legislator. I am not anti-government. On the contrary, anti-government means anarchy, and I am not an anarchist. Of the thousands of tea partiers that I have marched with, none have thrown rocks or even talked of blowing up buildings. I challenge the media to back up their claims. find one instance of rocks thrown or legislators threatened or even a tea party demonstrator arrested. The tea party believes in fiscal responsibility, limited government and obeying the Constitution. It's time for the media to stop being political hacks for the Democratic Party.


Major (Ret.), USA

Catoosa County

President working for middle class

After reading Mr. Kristof's commentary (Nov. 29), my mind drifted to this past Thanksgiving when I was blessed to have all of my children in our home. Among them was my daughter, a mediocre and lazy teacher, who brought some essays and quizzes to grade since she does not have enough planning time to plan or to grade the numerous assignments she collects at school.

I give her advice from time to time about her credit card debt that she has run up mainly to purchase supplies that excellent and hardworking parents do not purchase for their children.

Our president pushed legislative changes in the credit industry. Before President Obama, when my daughter paid more than the minimum amount on her credit card, the excess would go automatically to the lowest interest loan. After President Obama's changes, any amount above the minimum payment must go now to the highest interest loan. My daughter will pay off her loan faster and at less cost to her.

In a time when conservatives work to dismantle our government's commitment to use our tax dollars to provide protections from corporate interests, it is nice to have a president who is working for the middle class.


Signal Mountain