What do we pay the politicians?

What do we pay the politicians?


December 3rd, 2011 in Opinion Letters

What do we pay the politicians?

As a senior, I recall a much kinder America, now so out of control as to be almost unrecognizable.

Is it just me? So meekly have the masses picked up the tabs for corrupt politicians, corrupt CEOs, and money sent for the masses in third-world countries apparently goes to corrupt rulers. What have we really accomplished by the current thousands who have died and are dying in an ungodly war -- not to mention even more maimed and scarred mentally for life.

Men sent into war with their hands tied are simply sacrificed.

Schools: It's not in my memory when there has not been an issue of the Times Free Press that didn't have them on, more often than not, the front page: Mary who graduated semi-illiterate.

Don't even think how many college freshmen obtain student loans and disappear into the woodwork.

Could -- would -- this paper in total divulge how much we pay politicians as freebies -- on all levels? But not a dime of theirs has been touched while the neediest, i.e. Social Security and most of those receiving Medicare, have suffered.

Most of all an obscene amount is supposedly spent begging for votes and being paid to do nothing but campaign.


Fairfield Glade, Tenn.

Get serious about energy

Re: the commentary "A letter from the year 2025," by David Cook, Dec. 1.

We have been talking about energy changes for decades. In order for there to be energy change, we need to get serious about committing money and resources to the cause.

This is a difficult task, considering the state of the economy.

President Obama compares the energy crisis to the Space Race.

While I would like for this to be my generation's Sputnik, the problem is that actions speak louder than words. I hope Mr. Cook is right and that there is a brighter future ahead for energy development.


Doctor's attention, advice appreciated

As I extend my sympathy to the family of Dr. Bill Stem in their loss, I think back to memories of a fine doctor and a fine gentleman.

Dr. Stem became our family doctor when he first returned from service and set u ppractice in Red Bank. Each member or our family loved him and appreciated his advice and medical attention over the years.

As my parents grew older and were not always able to get to the office, Dr. Stem would not hesitate to come to the house. When he was needed, Mrs. Stem would be contacted and Dr. Stem would see them at home.

I was away from Chattanooga for 20 years, but my sisters continued as patients of Dr. Stem until he retired. I'm sure we are just one of many, many families who feel a deep loss upon hearing of his death.


Red Bank

Unavailable shows may cause switch

I may not be able to watch the Super Bowl. I am already missing "SNL" ("Saturday Night Live").

If you don't bring back Channel 3, I'm going back to Direct TV.


Web site uses Nazi tactics

The heinous web site AttackWatch.com is attempting to bring back the tactics of Nazi Germany urging people to inform on their neighbors who make comments about Obama that they don't like.

This should not be allowed to continue in a country that is supposed to be a democracy. If Obama has even an ounce of integrity left in him, he should tell his campaign people to shut this reprehensible operation down immediately.

There is no more convincing evidence than this that Obama doesn't care about democracy, but cares only about suppressing dissent and forcing his ruinous programs on a people already burdened by a recession he is doing nothing to end.

With any luck at all, this should convince people finally that Obama hates this country and is trying to destroy freedom, and the only way to preserve our freedom is to kick him out of the White House in 2012.


Squirrel doesn't get good vibes

I want to thank the lady who had her smart grid from the EPB uninstalled for alerting me to the horrible possibilities of someone, somewhere wasting his or her time watching my electricity usage spike. I was just talking to a squirrel running across the line to my house in Brainerd the other day, and he said something just didn't feel right ... .


Don't let greed get in the way

This was said 70 years ago after the Dec. 7 attacks on Pearl Harbor: "Our ships were mighty ... our men were strong and brave ... but we had no warning."

Ten years ago on Sept. 11, we were again attacked from the air without warning.

Just as our country was attacked twice without warning, so can our lives be ended quickly and unexpectedly.

The lessons of these attacks show the need for good intelligence information and to be prepared militarily, and prepared spiritually for death.

Experts say another attack isn't a matter of if, but when. Terrorists are studying how to shut down electric power.

If terrorists disrupt the electric power and food supply, every day will be worse than Black Friday to get food or supplies.

Black Friday violence was worse than ever as rude American consumers fought over deals like crazed animals to save a few bucks on cheap material from China.

Americans agree there's a great amount of greed and selfishness on Wall Street, but Black Friday showed there's a lot of greed and selfishness also on "Main Street."

If Americans act like this in good times, what will Americans act like during the coming food shortages the Bible says will occur?


Elizabethton, Tenn.

USPS driving away business

I am just wondering if the United States Postal Service is trying to make itself irrelevant. They acknowledge that closing the General Mail Processing Facility on Shallowford Road will slow down the fastest service by one or two days. I think that, in and of itself, will drive more people into using the Internet to pay bills and to send correspondence on top of the obvious problems mentioned, such as mail-order prescriptions and important business matters that require the services of the post office. For goodness sake, USPS, find out what you need to do, so that you don't drive away more business, and to keep Saturday service.