Compassion for kids guides coordinator

Compassion for kids guides coordinator


December 10th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Compassion for kids guides coordinator

Elaine Adams, the therapeutic recreation coordinator for the Department of Parks and Recreation, is a blessing to Chattanooga!

Helping people of all abilities live happier, she has led to participation in: mountain climbing, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, golf, soccer, bowling and fishing.

She has received recognition in the form of many awards, but for Elaine, they are reminders of the positive influence she has on the children she truly adores.

In fact, Jesse Steele, her professional assistant, noted she enjoys working with/for "a lady who is dedicated to success with an incredible attention to detail, always completes her promises, and the one thing that sets her apart is her love and compassion for the kids."

With that said, Chattanooga, let's all show some appreciation and thanks to a wonderful woman who has our future -- especially the kids -- as her daily focus!



U.S. must change or fall as Rome did

We are alarmed by the current epidemic of gross immorality and greed plaguing this nation. From these two root causes, millions of babies have been killed in their mothers' wombs as scandals of corruption rock all levels of government and Wall Street. Where can a proper young person find integrity and virtue these days? And now the president wants us to actually subsidize those whose illnesses have resulted from a lack of self-control and wise moral choices! Shame on America!

On our marriage certificate it reads "Holy Estate of Matrimony," which no sodomite can declare. For years Hollywood has lauded adultery and fornication, while protecting child abusers. Is there no decency left? We are destined to fall as Rome did if we don't repent and change our ways.

Please pray for our country and fast the first Friday of each month as we seek God's mercy. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.


South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Tired of being tired of politics

After reading about Social Security breaking the government, I find it hard to believe.

Social Security is money every working person puts trust in our government for their retirement.

If our government is in such as bad way, why do they go in and tear down the housing projects for people who never paid any taxes and then go back and rebuild houses for them. Everything is paid for, and also food stamps?

How can these people afford late-model cars? We help other countries, but we can't help our own citizens.

The poor working man is entitled to the money he puts away for his retirement!

It looks like to me after an election politicians forget who put them in their high-paying jobs.

What has gone wrong with our government? What's going to happen to our Social Security program?

Will it be dropped or will it be discontinued? Or will it be just another tax?

I am confused, frustrated, aggravated and tired of being tired of politics as usual.