Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

December 11th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Senators' votes subvert liberty

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., introduced an amendment to the recent military spending bill that had the sole purpose of allowing indefinite detention of American citizens on American soil who were suspected of terrorism, even if those citizens were found innocent at trial.

The amendment failed 59-41, but both Alabama senators, both Georgia senators, Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and 33 other Republicans voted in favor of it. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., voted against it.

It's shameful, un-American, and downright insane that 41 senators voted to trivialize the jury system like this. How do they think it would look to the population, much less the rest of the world, if we tried a man in front of a jury, the jury found him innocent of all crimes, and then we locked him up anyway? Shame on Sessions for introducing this, shame on everybody who voted for it, and as a Tennessee resident, extra shame on Lamar Alexander. The next time any of these people campaign on freedom, liberty or upholding the Constitution, remember what they voted for and what they really stand for -- the exact opposite.




Scores at NPMM result of hard work

As a parent of children who attend Normal Park Museum Magnet School, I was disturbed by comments that the school can somehow "pick and choose" students, and success of the school is attributable to biased selection.

Having witnessed the dedication of teachers and administrators first-hand, I believe these comments discredit the work of these professionals.

The recently released Tennessee Department of Education Report Card reveals results that shed light on these claims. The report card provides two indices of children's success.

First, the achievement score measures children's progress in grade-related standards.

Second, the value-added score measures children's improvement from the previous year's testing, thought to be a marker of the performance of the children's teachers.

Normal Park Museum Magnet children scored straight A's in both achievement and value-added (the only Hamilton County school to score straight A's in value-added).

These results demonstrate not only are the children at NPMM performing at an excellent level, they also are making rapid advances.

This evidence directly contradicts claims that the success of NPMM reflects merely a selection bias, and that the children would be doing well in any setting. Instead, these scores demonstrate the hard work of the children, teachers, administrators, parents and community.


Government has 'license to steal'

"License to steal" is granted to our "wonderful government"!

I have read in your newspaper in the past years about people being sent to prison for many years for using inside information on the stock market.

The latest man caught using said information was sentenced to 18 years in prison! Martha Stewart had to spend time in jail for the same crime.

However, our "wonderful government" uses inside information all they want, to amass their fortunes.

I also believe "big business" paid the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that "corporations are people"!

Oh, yes, do not forget to dial 1-800-S-N-I-T-C-H to inform on your neighbor about anti-government views! The Nazis used this tactic during World War II. There were many people turned in to authorities; even children turned in their own parents. The people who were turned in received harsh prison sentences or worse.

Remember, our laws are written "by" our corrupt government "for" our corrupt government. Obama and the rest who compromise our government are nothing but liars and hypocrites. Al Capone would be proud of them.



All GOP hopefuls can't match Obama

Relax, America! All the Republican candidates combined don't add up to one Barack Obama! This country is not going backward to the insane policies of the Bush regime.


Dog moves indoors with McKamey aid

Kudos to whichever employee of McKamey Animal Center was able to catch the small white dog (Pomeranian?) that had been abandoned near Highway 153 and U.S. 27.

This was just before Thanksgiving. Several folks had been trying unsuccessfully to capture the little fellow for nearly two months. The McKamey people were able to corral him in less than 45 minutes!

Hope the dog had a good Thanksgiving and is on his way to finding his "forever" family. Thanks, McKamey!




Ringgold, Ga.

Lines dispiriting for ID seekers

I read with interest and empathy about the elderly woman who attempted to get her ID in order to vote.

I recently retired to Tennessee and visited the office on Bonny Oaks drive to get a Tennessee license because it is important for me to be able to vote.

I was shocked when I entered the building and saw wall-to-wall people waiting for service!

First, you have to wait in a line just to get a number to wait in line. I waited for 11/2 hours to get a number and finally gave up.

I thought, as I was standing there, that my 86-year-old father would never have been able to stand in a line that long and so he would never be able to vote in Tennessee.

This is shameless for this state to not only have such a poorly run service for its citizens but to add insult to injury it requires a photo ID to vote!

Shame on you, politicians, for discouraging people to vote. By the way, other than this I love your state.


Ooltewah shows off Christmas spirit

The Christmas season started in a big way with the annual Ooltewah Christmas parade.

Little Debbie Parkway was lined with excited children and parents.

As we watched school groups, scout troops, fire department, businesses, churches, car clubs and horses show their best Christmas spirit and shower us with candy and good wishes, we felt the spirit of Christmas come over us.

Thanks to Steve Ray for starting this wonderful tradition and to all those who keep it going.



Using mailbox may do the trick

There is sure one sure way to jump -start getting the Post Office to make itself competitive, or some other company to take its place. Just make it legal for all companies that deliver packages and letters to a house to be able to legally use the house occupant's mailbox.


Woman's guidance a plus for children

Re: Josephine Wortham article, Dec. 4.

Josephine Wortham shows what just one person can do. This lady has changed the lives of countless children, and her love for them is evident.

She has helped our youth through her Club Jesus in various ways: homework, arts and crafts, snacks, a safe place to be cared for and most importantly, love and spiritual guidance.

With all the problems of gangs in our city, this special lady is changing lives one child at a time so that they will make the best choices for their futures. Chattanooga Housing Authority wants her to move to the Resident Community Building, but Ms. Wortham wisely doesn't want to sign the agreement, giving authority of her program to someone else. She knows that even though government can provide many things the housing agency says: "health, educational, technological and recreational activities," they could never provide what is eternally important to these children. Ms. Wortham gives them love and the hope of eternal life through salvation in Jesus Christ.

Hopefully, a South Chattanooga church will step in and help her with this ministry, and it will grow and change our wonderful city in ways we can hardly imagine.


Lookout Mountain, Ga.